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As punishment for their original sin, the souls of Adam and Eve are reincarnated in endless cycles, doomed to watch the deterioration of the world and their progeny, while separated by great distances. An ancient tribe of men called The Rodef hunts them mercilessly through each appearance. The Rodef believe their existence is unnatural and contrary to God's design.
The couple’s intense yearning for each other is complicated by a psychic connection they share; a connection which not only serves as a homing device to find each other, but also allows for a type of energy exchange to fuel supernatural powers they have developed over the millennia. When in danger, they can mind control another human -- a limited ability that comes in handy when cornered by a Rodef Warrior. The downside to using this power is the attention it brings: their psychic union wreaks havoc on the natural world around them, with cyclones, earthquakes, and electrical storms developing on the spot when they connect.
The current Adam – college student Huelo Topui of Tonga – seeks the help of Linguistic Anthropology Professor Duke Pennington of Cambridge University. The world-weary agnostic professor reluctantly agrees to help the persuasive youth under the pretext that the youth knows where rare, ancient artifacts can be found to further his career. Having tragically lost two sons in their early years -- one minutes after he was born -- Duke struggles to find meaning in his life. As he ventures on the journey with his young comrade, he discovers some shocking truths. Huelo reveals himself to be the Biblical Adam with a twofold mission: he wants to know how The Rodef always find them with precision each incarnation cycle, and he seeks to reunite with his primordial wife Ava (Eve) before the Rodef find and kill her.
Together, the male comrades discover the method to The Rodef’s success: they have struck a deal with the devil, who can sense Adam and Eve when they use their psychic skills. To complicate things further, they learn that the cursed horn of Cain can break the reincarnation cycle if Cain’s parents are simultaneously pierced by it.
The devil, manifested in corporeal form as a canine shape-shifter known as “The Prince”, wants to learn the location of Cain’s horn for good reason: if Adam and Eve ever physically reunite, Creation will begin again, and the devil will lose his lease over the world in the reboot.
Huelo and Duke bond like father and son throughout their dangerous trek, and their final adventure ends with a twist. In the climactic moment of Adam and Eve’s physical reunion, Huelo caresses Duke in a poignant farewell, and reveals that he is Duke's reincarnated firstborn son. After the ensuing shock wave, when the world has been reshaped with a new Creation, Adam and Eve rise again from the primordial muck. As their adult figures supernaturally morph, it becomes clear that the female figure of Eve is pregnant, presumably with the reincarnated Duke.

  • Todd Sorrell
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  • Genres:
    Thriller, Fantasy, Action Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Richmond International Film Festival
    Richmond, VA
    February 17, 2018
    Best Action Screenplay
  • Depth of Field International Film Festival
    Nassau, DE
    March 19, 2018
    Winner Best Scifi/Fantasy/Thriller Script
  • Atlanta Film Festival 2017
    Atlanta Film Festival 2017
    March 26, 2017
    First Place Screenplay
  • San Francisco International Screenplay Competition
    San Francisco, CA
    May 19, 2019
    Runner Up Best Screenplay
  • NYLA International Film Festival
    Los Angeles, CA
    April 25, 2018
    Award of Excellence
  • International Monthly Film Festival
    Copenhagen Denmark
    October 2, 2018
    Best Screenplay of the Year
  • Seattle International Screenwriting Honors 2020
    Seattle, WA
    May 8, 2020
    2nd Place Screenplay
Writer - Todd Sorrell