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The Motorbike

5 September 1943. The funeral procession with the body of King Boris ІІІ is scheduled to drive past the village of Barakovo. The village children are watching from a hill. Slavcho (aged 18) wants to photograph the event. In stead of the procession, several German trucks show up. There is also a motorbike with sidecar, driven by Willy (aged 18). Captain Schmidt is the commander of the military unit. Together with him is his wife. Willy is their son.
The young German is enrolled in the local school. Slavcho comes to hate him. Everybody thinks that the King was poisoned by the Germans.
Willy learns Bulgarian. The motorbike makes peace between the two boys. Willy teaches Slavcho to drive it.
15 November. The capital is bombed. Hundreds of residents leave the capital. Evelina, who is the same age as them, comes to Barakovo. She gets enrolled in the same class. The two boys get in love with her. They become enemies again.
Slavcho challenges Willy to ski down. Willy accepts. Everybody is watching them. Willy wins by deception. He says that he has won because he is member of Hitlerjugend. Schmidt, displeased with his son, slaps him in the face.
In December an aircraft is shot down. One of the pilots, although wounded, manages to hide.
Slavcho is taking pictures of Evelina and the children in the village. The pilot who is hiding in the chapel nearby enters the frame.
While developing the photos, Slavcho and Evelina see the pilot. The two go to see him and start bringing him food and medications. He gives the girl a bar of chocolate.
A young partisan gets killed in the village. His body is displayed for show. Otto Schmidt gives instructions to bury the dead in a Christian way.
February 1944. Six months after the death of the King. The police are searching everywhere including the school. They find in the belongings of Evelina the bar of chocolate of the pilot. Willy says, however, that he himself gave it to her.
The young police officer in charge also likes Evelina. During a concert in the library club, he takes advantage of his position and orders the boys out of the club. They unite and take revenge on him by making a fool of him before the girl.
August 1944. The Germans leave. Willy decides to give his motorbike as a gift to Slavcho. The father of the Bulgarian boy disapproves. Slavcho wants very much to have the motorbike. He and Willy bury it in a pit near the village.
Evelina, Willy and Slavcho say good-bye at the station. They wish each other to meet again when the war is over.

1990. Willy Schmidt, already 65, comes to the village of Barakovo.
Slavcho has married Evelina. The meeting between the three is moving. Willy wants to know what happened with the motorbike. It is still at the place where they hid it. Willy makes a proposal to dig it out.
They dig out the motorbike. Slavcho is sorry that he has wasted three of the best years of his life for a pile of scrap.
Their memories become alive: “The three young people are driving on the road to the Rila Monastery, just as in the old days…” The adults are looking on… The motorbike with the young people is speeding towards the sunset.

  • Valentin Goshev
  • Valentin Goshev
  • Ivan Tonev, ARS Ltd.
  • Rudi Evtimov
    Key Cast
  • Dimitar Angelov
    Key Cast
  • Alexandra Radicheva
    Key Cast
  • Stefan Nikolov - Rodney
    Key Cast
  • David Denis Koval
    Key Cast
  • Desislava Djurova
    Key Cast
  • Martin Ivo Paunov
    Key Cast
  • Valentin Goshev
    Key Cast
  • Kristiyan Dimitrov
    Key Cast
  • Eli Koleva
    Key Cast
  • Filip Trifonov
    Key Cast
  • Petar Kalchev
    Key Cast
  • Genres:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 22 minutes 16 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 10, 2017
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    Bulgarian, English, German
  • Shooting Format:
    MXF (SONY F55 & SONY FS7)
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Valentin Goshev


Born – January 22, 1963 Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA.

1996 – 2002 National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts ”Krastiu Sarafov” /NATFA/, Sofia, Bulgaria. Major “Film and TV Directing” in class of Prof. Georgi Dulgerov.

2017 „The Motorbike” – /feature/
2012 „Kantora Mitrani” - /feature, TV series/
2009 „Warm November” - /feature, short/ 10 min.
2008- 9 „Forbidden love” – /feature,55 TV series/
2007 „Lonely hearts” – 54min. /feature/ for National TV
2003 „Laurel and Hardy go to heaven” by Paul Auster – Theatre Show

2017 „The Motorbike”
2012 “The foreigner” – dir. N.Iliev - Bulgaria
2007 „Lonely hearts” – dir. V. Gohsev - Bulgaria.
2005 „Turkish gambit” – dir. Djanik Faiziev – Russia.
2002 „Goat Shara & Kid Gara” dir. V. Gohsev - Bulgaria.
2000 „Letter to America” – dir. Iglika Trifonova - Bulgaria.
1999 „The Sand Clock” - dir. Georgi Dulgerov – Bulgaria.

Actor in many T.V. series, theatre shows and students films.

2017 „The Motorbike” – Full Feature Story
2007 „Bisera” – Full Feature Story
2005 „The Mirror” - Full Feature Story
2003 „Lonely Hearts” – Full Feature Story.

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