Mortar & Pestle

A Canadian man loses his job to outsourcing and go to Greece at his Greek wifes request to regain his Kefi. Once there he finds a Magical Mortar & Pestle via the Greek gods that can change the world.

  • Algis Kemezys
    Mimetoliths, Shapeshifter, Faces of Myth, Mortar & Pestle, The Time Travelling Hermes
  • Byron Ayanoglu & Algis Kemezys
  • Byron Ayanoglu
  • Runtime:
    17 minutes 51 seconds
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Algis Kemezys


IMDB Listing. 4 Movies
Masterclass with Walter Lassally, Mimetoliths , Shapeshifter, Mortar & Pestle
Platinum Remi Winner at the 42nd WorldFest . Houston International Film Festival for Masterclass with Walter Lassally. April 2009 MasterClass 4th Imperia Video Festival, City of Imperia, Italy April 14th to 18th 2009 MaSTerClasS 11 Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece 2009

MasterClass an official program selection of the Florida Media Market Global ! ! Conference 2008 (screening on October 25, 2008 at 8:15 pm) Media Factory Show TV #23 by NetShows on the Cox Cable Network ! ! !
Assignment Earth Yahoo Video: Blue Green Algae
Yahoo Video @ Featured Video “Quantum Physics In India” under ! ! Science & Environment,
Shapeshifter (2007) 30 minutes. Reality-drama about a man facing his own mortality. Shot in India and Montreal
Chicago Short Film Festival Shapeshifter 30-minute version Festival De Cine International De Barcelona 2008

Mimetoliths (2006) 60 minutes. Documentary about mythology and the rock formations of Greece. Featured in: Cyprus International Film Festival; Asterfest, Macedonia;United Nations Environmental Film Festival: Mimetoliths INDEPENDENT Ecofilms Festival, Rodos; Charlotte, North Carolina"s Cackalaky Film Festival; and in all four locations (Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, New Zealand) of the Night Gallery Film Festival. Distributor TPI International (Chantilly, Virginia) Faces of Myth (2004) 60 minutes. Documentary about Crete. Official selection Thessaloniki Documentary Festival; Maine International Film Festival; Ecofilms Festival, Rodos; co-produced by the NFB. Distributor: Vtape (Toronto). Wall Stories (1990) 60 minutes. Art video of personal peoples stories in front of a wall of images. Official selection at Torino International Film (Toronto THE CIVIL SERVANT: Starring role. 30-minute dramatic film. Shown on the CBC, and festivals. LAWN & ORDER: major participant. Gemini-nominated film about gardens. CBC. ALGIS, MON BEAU JARDIN: starring role and subject of 20-minute, prize winning video (First and Second prize at Video-Est). Shown on Radio-Canada, and festivals. Other Art-Videos: TALK KIDS; MARIE ANTOINETTE; IMELDA; CHICHENITZ AH; THE BIG ONE: videographer/director/actor Televised documentaries about Kemezys' work: PORTRAIT in STONE (CBC, 1994) about GRAVEN IMAGES.


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