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The Doughnut Admirer

The monotony of working in an office everyday gets turned upside down when a bored man steps into his cubicle to find a doughnut from a deranged secret admirer that will make his work life into a farce.

  • Muse Seymour
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    Short Script
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Muse Seymour

Muse Seymour is an author and screenwriter originally from Wisconsin in the United States, but has been writing abroad in London and Paris over the last few years. He has previously worked on indie films as a script doctor and currently has two feature films and a television series in development as well as more short films in pre-production and another on the film festival circuit.

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Writer Statement

The idea for this script was to focus on the ennui that comes from settling into a boring office job you never expected to stay at when you were young and idealistic and then spice that up by adding some out of the ordinary. I wanted to turn boring everyday life into a farce in the vain of a Blake Edwards type ending with the main catalyst being an item just as boring as the desk job itself, a doughnut. Life in the office devolves from there into madness by the end. I am hoping to shoot this film sometime in 2017.