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The Mongoose Vanishes!

A lonely young girl on the isle of Man in the 1930s awakens a spirit in the form of a talking mongoose. When her conniving father uses the spirit as a money making scheme it catches the eye of England's top supernatural investigator. Will his investigation help the family or just drive the spirit away, depriving the girl of her new-found friend?

  • Charles Pieper
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    Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Period Piece, supernatural
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Charles Pieper

Charles Pieper is a director, writer, stop motion animator, editor and monster maker living in Los Angeles. He studied film at Emerson, FAMU, CalArts, and NCSA.
His works have been seen in festivals in Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Toronto, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Kentucky, Poland, Madrid, Kiev, Tokyo, and more.

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Writer Statement

I've always been interested in the strange and mysterious. My film and screenplay work reflect this for sure. The story of Gef the talking mongoose has been an obsession of mine since I first read about it as a child. Adapting this bizarre and uncanny tale into a film continues to be a life long dream. The screenplay 'The Mongoose Vanishes!' is but the first step towards this cinematic goal...