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C.G. Jung on Alchemy - Chapter 1 - Earth

C.G. Jung on Alchemy - A documentary Series by Sara Ferro & Chris Weil:

Explore C.G. Jung's private collection of rare books and discover the secrets of alchemy and psychology. Fathom the knowledge of the transmutation of the soul, C.G. Jung's excerpts, the hidden story behind the Red Book, Septem sermones and Gnostic wisdom, Aurora consurgens, the Secret of the Golden Flower, the Individuation process, Synchronicity and archetypes, Goethe - the alchemist and Paracelsus. The project has been realized in association with the Foundation of the Works of C. G. Jung. Filmed at paradigmatic locations like the House of C.G. Jung in Zurich, Eranos and other mystic places in Switzerland...

Starring: Françoise Bonardel, Paul Bishop, Murray Stein, Aksel Haaning, Alfred Ribi, Thomas Fischer

C.G. Jung on Alchemy - documentary series:

Chapter 1 — Earth (64 min)
Chapter 2 — Air (57 min)
Chapter 3 — Fire (55 min)
Chapter 4 — Water (57 min)

  • Sara Ferro
  • Chris Weil
  • Sara Ferro
  • Chris Weil
  • Sara Ferro
  • Françoise Bonardel
    Key Cast
  • Paul Bishop
    Key Cast
  • Murray Stein
    Key Cast
  • Aksel Haaning
    Key Cast
  • Alfred Ribi
    Key Cast
  • Thomas Fischer
    Key Cast
  • The Foundation of the Works of C.G. Jung
    In association with
  • Bettina Kaufmann
  • ARTOLDO pictures
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    Documentary, Feature, Television
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    Biopic, History, Special Interest
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 4 minutes 5 seconds
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  • Shooting Format:
    Digital 16 mm
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Art and Psyche Conference IV
    Pacifica Graduate Institute
    Santa Barbara
    Official Selection
  • Hermetic International Film Festival
    World Premiere
    Special Screening
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  • ARTOLDO media
    Country: Worldwide
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Director Biography - Sara Ferro, Chris Weil

Artoldo (Est. 2015) is an international award-winning creative collective founded by renowned film directors and new media artists, Sara Ferro and Chris Weil. Their works have been screened at film festivals, in galleries and museums as well as in academic publications around the world.

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Director Statement

5 years of work and research: the documentary Series C.G. Jung on Alchemy consists of 4 episodes, symbolizing the 4 classical elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and Jung's treatment of why the elemental system has been enhanced by the alchemical vision which was in core based on triads and triplets and then their reciprocal synergies again. One of C.G. Jung's ground breaking discoveries may be seen that the Trinity, including the God Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ is in some way incomplete. It lacks nature, it lacks Human. And alchemy offered this missing piece.
We invite the spectator to watch this documentary open minded with eyes and heart wide opened. It is mind blowing and will help you to understand the principles of alchemy from a completely new perspective.
Moreover, for bibliophils, we added all rare book sources into the film. If you want to research a certain rare book, just pause the film to take note of the title or the author of the work.