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A special brand of new Super Heroes you wouldn't think twice about. With the aid of a brilliant scientist, three fortunate candidates will receive SUPER upgrades to their already existing shortcomings. Being Disadvantaged can be the advantage.

  • Chaz Fatur
    Marker 187, Handyman, Missing!
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    Sci-Fi, Crime, Adventure, Super Hero
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    United States
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  • Red International Screenplay Competition
    October 19, 2019
    Best Feature Screenplay
Writer Biography - Chaz Fatur

A Prodigy From the Steel Town of Pittsburgh... Everyone knew he was full of life... or full of something! He had honor, courage, commitment early on, only to join the US Navy right out of High School. His sense of adventure has started! Didn't find his niche in this Industry till near the completion of his Service. In 2000, a known Action Director gave him his first chance; 'Pearl Harbor'. He knew then what it is he wanted to do... to Write & Direct. A little Acting & Crewing on the side only fine tuned his crafts. Attending LAFS gave him insight on being a complete Director. Making friends, contacts, he slowly worked his way up the food chain called the Hollywood buffet. He's not a main course yet, just an appetizer. But people will enjoy him soon enough. When his time comes, watch out, Hollywood!, cause you'll only love his Films. His philosophy is simple; He taking care of those, who took care of him. It's his personal motto as well as his Company's. Make him famous... cause he'll make you infamous!

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I'm looking to get noticed to spread my creativity throughout the World!