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By The Time I Got To Woodstock

1969: a young generation is letting their hair down, except for a high school sophomore who’s wound tighter than her ballerina bun. When she accidentally ends up on a magic bus to Woodstock, she goes on a long strange trip to find her true self.

  • Jeffrey Massie
    Equity, Eighty-Eight Frequencies, By The Time I Got To Woodstock, Falling In Love With Love
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    Adolescence, Road Trip, Strong Female Lead
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    United States
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  • WorldFest Houston International Film Festival
    Houston, TX
    June 1, 2016
    Platinum Remi
  • Diverse Voices Competition

    May 16, 2017
  • Austin Film Festival
    Austin, TX
    December 2, 2021
    Second Round
Writer Biography - Jeffrey Massie

I attended New York University's Institute of Film and Television in the 1970s, where I studied under Haig Manoogian, who mentored Martin Scorsese and produced his first feature.

My parents were animators who met on the picket line at Disney Studios in 1941, and I spent almost thirty-five years in the labor movement as an officer of the Animation Guild Local 839 IATSE. About fifteen years ago I started taking classes with Joe Bratcher and the late Judy Farrell at the Twin Bridges Screenwriting Salon.

Since my retirement from the Guild in 2013, my screenwriting has become a full-time occupation, if not (yet) a living.

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Writer Statement

One thing that Joni Mitchell and I have in common: neither of us went to Woodstock.

Joni didn’t go because she didn’t want to cancel her interview with Dick Cavett that weekend. I didn’t go because I was more into Dave Brubeck, Broadway musicals, and not taking any risks with my life.

My prep-school classmate Bo Slocomb went to Woodstock, and when he got back all he could talk about was what a terrible experience he’d had: the rain and mud, the bad drugs, the food poisoning …

But then, there came the articles and books and records, and a really cool movie. Bo, along with half a million of his friends, found themselves inducted into The Woodstock Generation™, produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment.

And the next thing you know, Joni Mitchell had written one of her first big hits, and Bo seemed to forget all about his four-day bad trip. Overnight, for Joni and for Bo, Woodstock became the defining moment of their lives.

“By The Time I Got To Woodstock” is the story of Emily, who didn’t even want to go to Woodstock. And then, she tried to go. And then, she couldn’t go. And then she did anyway.

And then … she arrived at Woodstock.