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This is a story about war and peace, happiness and tragedies, strong friendship and a return to the roots. The main character is a Russian German, an officer of the special operations forces KSK Bundeswehr (FRG), the son of a Soviet soldier who died in 1986 in Afghanistan. The desire to avenge the death of his father directs him, who was taken away from the USSR to the Federal Republic of Germany, to participate in the military operation of the NATO forces (ISAF) "Enduring Freedom" in the 2010s.
The victims and destruction committed by NATO, the death of his own bride, an Afghan woman, and close comrades in that moloch, contribute to a turning point in the consciousness of the hero, a reassessment of the reasons for the bloody confrontation. Disappointed in the actions of NATO, not wanting to be part of the cynical military machine, he resigns from military service and returns to his historical homeland in Russia. Having found here the two surviving fighting friends of his father, our hero finds himself in a twistiness with them. By the gratitude of fate for the hardships and overcomes he has experienced, at the end of history he will be the new happiness found in Russia.

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Writer Biography - ILIYAS DAUDI

Iliyas Daudi, Russian writer, member of the «Union of Writers of Russia», screenwriter, film director, producer, participant in the Afghan War (1979-1989), Hero of the Russian Federation.

Military writer, short story writer, essayist, publicist — author of works about the Afghan War (1979-1989) and the history of Afghanistan.
— Author of essays and publications in periodicals of the Russian press, headings «history», «military policy»: the magazine «Army Collection», the newspaper «RED STAR» — the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, «Independent Newspaper», the newspapers «Moskovsky Komsomolets», «Kazan Reporter», etc.
— Author of the military historical novel-trilogy «In the Kunduz Circle» (2020) - about the fate of six Soviet intelligence soldiers in the Afghan war and after it — stories published in Russian literary and art magazines. Copies of the book «In the Kunduz Circle» were taken to the libraries of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Main Military and Political Directorate of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Central House of the Russian Army named after M.V. Frunze.
— Winner of the «11th All-Russian Literary competition of the Central House of the Russian Army named after M.V. Frunze of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation» in 2017 in the nomination «Prose and drama» for «Essay of a wounded soldier» from the collection «Notes of a military intelligence officer».


• «In the Kunduz Circle» military historical novel-trilogy
• «The Great Game in Afghanistan» monograph
• «We'll all be back!» novel
• «Not by the front corridor» military novel
• «The Zugzwang of Ober lieutenant Bruno Thevs» a military novel

Since 2022, he has been studying at the S.A. Gerasimov Film Academy, a director-producer workshop. The author of the script, director and actor of films: «Self-Portrait», «THE BLIND».

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