ZICO - PINK WORLD (Music Video Clip)

Boaz Goldberg: "Who remembers Caravan Club in Jaffa? I made a music video for `Olam Varod` (Pink World), the hit of my album, `Headless Elvis`, and this in honor of the release of the album in CD format.

"This song was the first ever Gabi Abudraham recorded on the 4-track tape that Natan Gruper bought him, sometime in 1999, before the name `Charlie Magira` was invented. This was the song Gabi played me when we were talking about doing something together, as a duo. It was also the first time I heard him sing, and it was chillingly beautiful. We took this song and started working on it as a song by Les Lost Boys, even before we approached `Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow`, `Rasco` and more. I originally planned to put it in my documentary about Charlie Megira, `Tomorrow’s Gone`, but eventually I saved it for a later date, and that date is coming now.

"I did my best to recreate the atmosphere, and if once in fifty years I dare to open my mouth and record vocals as well as guitars, then man - **this** is the kind of song I want to immortalize. The original version from 1999 was lost, but I remembered all the moves of the song, the chords and most of the lyrics all these years, which is pretty crazy.

"So what’s the connection to Caravan Club? Well, the music video, please note, is actually a double tribute to two giants who are no longer with us. The first is, as mentioned, Gabi Abudraham/ Charlie Magira, and the second is Uri Shauly, the great dancer and choreographer, the owner of the legendary Caravan Club in Jaffa, a club in which so many musician performed, From Zohar Argov to Cicciolina, and especially characters Uri invented, such as Elvis Moco from Mozambique, whom he met on the beach in Palma de Mallorca. The Caravan Club, which shines with grace and style as well as sleaze, with acrobats and magic shows that have disappeared from the world, there in the `Peak Garden` in Jaffa, in an arched Turkish building that towered over old Jaffa, something truly original. Shimi Tavori mentioned Caravan relatively recently, when he gave a guest appearance on `The Next Star` and told where he enjoyed performing the most.

"As a choreographer and dancer, Uri Shauly was also the lead singer of the band Alumim, which recorded several songs and toured the world as a folklore band. In 1966, during the period of Alumim, Shauly built the choreography for several scenes in the movie `Cast a Giant Shadow` with Kirk Douglas, most of which was filmed in Israel - mainly in the Herzliya studios - and he would always tell what Douglas told him and what happened there with Yul Brynner, Sinatra, John Wayne, Haim Topol and also little Michael Douglas.

"Recently, Uri Shauly passed away at the age of 85, still with dreams of reviving Caravan and still with a collection of cars that only Nick Mason of the Floyd can handle, even if they are all no longer running (for example, a 1909 Maserati, or a Citroen from the 1940`s, painted in bright pink-purple). Uri Shauly, the father of my beloved Dorin Shauly. So it happened that I obtained the 8mm footage of Uri and Dina's wedding at that mythical Caravan Club, a wedding that took place one sexy evening in September of 1976. This is a rare documentation of glam Jaffa, because on normal days Uri rejected photographers, as well as, for some reason, Greek music.

"In the clip, you’ll also be able to see Uri the dancer in action there, dancing the 'Dabke Uriya' with his brother Aharon; and the most beautiful bride in the entire seventies, Dina, who’s still with us. By the way, that evening, Dina wore the dress of the beauty queen Rina Mor, who two months before won the title of Miss World.

"The clip is waiting for you where they always wait - in the first comment. And I know exactly, but exactly, what Charlie would say about this whole thing: 'Cool!'.

  • Boaz Goldberg
    Tomorrow's Gone
  • Boaz Goldberg
    Tomorrow's Gone
  • Boaz Goldberg
    Tomorrow's Gone
  • Boaz Goldberg
    Tomorrow's Gone
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    זיקו - עולם ורוד
  • Project Type:
    Music Video
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 19 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 31, 2023
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  • Shooting Format:
    8mm Film
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Director Biography - Boaz Goldberg

Boaz Goldberg (1974) is a documentary filmmaker and an interdisciplinary artist. He worked as a music journalist for more than a decade ("Zman Tel Aviv", "City Mouse", "The City", "Israel Today") and meticulously covered the alternative music scene in Israel. Goldberg later had several editing and directing jobs in many television programs. He dabbled in painting, photography and recording music. All of this led him into the world of documentary filmmaking. Tomorrow's Gone, a full feature film about the life and death of Charlie Megira, is his debut feature documentary.

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