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Worst Night Ever

On a late-night road trip to buy his dream car, struggling musician JP and his secret crush, Sendra collide head-on with an elitist Brown student plagued by the worm monster inside him.

  • Joe Bartone
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  • Genres:
    drama, monster, horror
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    United States
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  • Paris Play Film Festival
    Paris, France
    June 27, 2021
Writer Biography - Joe Bartone

Creator Joe Bartone is an award-winning filmmaker, music producer, and post-punk guitarist, In the early ’90s, his band took the stage at NYC’s CBGB’s and Boston’s Mamakin’s. As a youth, he attended a Catholic boy's school and prepared for the priesthood. Joe left the church and reinvented himself in the fast sex and drug post-punk culture of the underground music world. He emerged with a heartfelt new perspective on society.

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Writer Statement

I am a huge fan of Charles Bukowski. His famous quote is, "When I write the story, I am the hero." Never let the facts get in the way. So, this entire story that takes place over 12 hours is all true, except for the monster part. Which might have been true depending on who is telling it.