A person, living alone in a remote house, sees things blowing past his/her house, hears voices, and may or may not be losing his/her mind.

  • P James Norris
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  • P James Norris
    May 31, 2020
    Published - tigershark magazine
Writer Biography - P James Norris

P James Norris has an MA in Philosophy from the University of Kansas and an MS in Physics from Kansas State University. In 2018 he started getting short stories published by the likes of Moon Magazine, Fantasia Divinity, Tigershark Publishing and Rhetoric Askew. His "Izzy Tells No Lies", originally published in Fantasia Divinity's Feb 2018 issue, has been republished in B Cubed Press' Alternative Theologies anthology, and his "Angel of Death", originally published in Moon Magazine's online ezine, has been republished in their first anthology, Out of this World. "Angel of Death" and "Izzie Tells No Lies" were Quarterfinalists in the ScreenCraft Short Story Contest in 2017 and 2018, respectively.
He’s written several spec teleplays, including two original TV pilots, "Project Ωmega" and "Powers & Glory" which have and semifinalists in various screenwriting contests; "Project Ωmega" was the Grand Prize winner in the 2019 International Faith in Film Competition.
He's also written three short films, "Michael Is Coming" adapted from his "Izzy Tells No Lies"--multiple producers have expressed interest in producing "Michael Is Coming"--and "Angel of Death" adapted from his short story of the same name, and "Beyond the Door" adapted from a short story of the same name by Phillip K Dick--four producers have expressed an interest producing "Beyond the Door".
He has five novels in various states of incompletion--maybe, some day, he will finish writing them.
He lives in Idaho with his wife and a dog and two cats and four chickens.

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