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War and Justice

War and Justice is the first and only true-life documentary about the founding of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Its construction and executive power to sue war criminals and head of states worldwide. This enlightened by unprecedented access to Ben Ferencz (prosecuting attorney of the Nuremberg Trials), Luis Moreno-Ocampo (ICC’s first prosecutor), Karim Khan (its current prosecutor) Angelina Jolie and many others.

  • Marcus VETTER
  • Michele GENTILE
  • Marcus Vetter
  • Anita ELSANI
  • Marcus VETTER
  • Ulf MEYER
  • Derek BRITT
  • Benjamin FERENCZ
    Key Cast
    Key Cast
  • Fatou BENSOUDA
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  • Karim KHAN
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  • Joanna FRIVET
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  • Angelina JOLIE
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    War, Justice
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 33 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 25, 2023
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  • Munich International Filmfestival
    June 25, 2023
  • Cinema for Peace
    February 19, 2024
    Nominated for Cinema for Peace Dove for Justice 2024
  • Nuremberg Filmfestival
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Director Biography - Marcus VETTER, Michele GENTILE

Marcus Vetter, born in Stuttgart in 1967 to a German mother and a Turkish father, studied “European Business Management” (diploma 1991) and “Media Science/ Practice” at the University of Tübingen (diploma 1994). Since 1994 he has worked as a TV editor, producer and director for ARD/SWR in Baden-Baden and Stuttgart. His films have received attention at national and international film festivals and have been awarded numerous prizes, including three Adolf Grimme Prizes and the German Film Prize.
Marcus’ work first came to the attention of an international audience in 1999 with his film “Der Tunnel,” a docu-drama about a legendary escape tunnel in Berlin. The film received the Grimme Award, the German Television Award and an honorable mention at the Prix Europa. He went on to make numerous films, including “The Battle for Brukman” (2001) about rebellious seamstresses in Argentina, “My Father the Turk,” a film about meeting his Turkish father that won the Golden Gate Award in San Francisco.
2007 he shoots “The Heart of Jenin” (BRD 2008, 90min), the story of Ismael Khatib, a Palestinian father whose son is killed by Israeli soldiers, and who nevertheless donates his son’s organs, saving the lives of Israeli children. In 2010, the film is awarded the German Film Prize - the Lola.
It was followed by “Cinema Jenin - The Story of a Dream” (BRD 2011, 90min) about the reconstruction of what was once the largest cinema in the West Bank and vividly captures the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; “The Court” (BRD 2012, 90min) a unique portrait and contemporary document reflecting the tireless work of the ICC; “The Forecaster” (BRD/USA 2015, 100min) documents the career of Martin Armstrong. The latter develops a computer model based on the number PI in the early eighties, with which he predicts the world economy with frightening precision; and the film “The Promise (US: Killing for Love” (BRD/USA 2017, 130min), which was released in October 2016 and was one of the BBC’s best rated documentaries.
His film “The Forum - Behind the Scenes of the World Economic Forum (SWR/Arte 2019, 116min) about its founder Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum in Davos was broadcast in over 15 European countries.

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Director Statement

Marcus Vetter: In 2009 we finished the film “The Heart of Jenin” - a film about a Palestinian father whose son was shot by Israelis and who nevertheless decides to donate his son’s organs to Israeli children. The Chief Prosecutor of the Hague saw the film at the “Cinema for Peace Gala” in Berlin at that time. The next day he invited me to his office and asked me if we could imagine making a film about the International Criminal Court. He said something about how the ICC was currently looking into the extent to which Israel and Hamas could be prosecuted for war crimes in the Gaza war. It was an incredibly tempting offer and I told him that I could very well imagine it, but only on one condition: that he trusts us and that we can also shoot behind normally closed doors. What we cut later, we can decide later.
Michele Gentile: He agreed. In fact, we were allowed to shoot a lot and to cut a lot of it into the film. Not all of it. Whenever it could endanger the safety of ICC staff, we had to refrain. Nevertheless, we got very close to the Chief Prosecutor and his team.
Marcus Vetter: In 2013, the first film titled THE COURT was made, but we still kept shooting, and also worked on a fictional story. This intensified the relationship with Luis Moreno Qcampo. Now, when Amazon made a feature film about him and his work in the Argentine Junta Trial, we met again and in the process he asked me if we would be interested in shooting on the Russian war and the role of the ICC.
43 countries have submitted a request to investigate possible war crimes on the Russian side.
Marcus Vetter: Exactly! Of course, this is very exciting because the current chief prosecutor, Karim Khan, can actually investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine. However, since 2017, the law requires that the aggressor, Russia in this case, also accepts the ICC intervention. Ocampo is therefore calling on the member states to change the rules allowing to investigate the most obvious crimes committed by President Putin.