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"Vivi la vita" di Valerio Manisi

How important is life? How precious is time? Alvaro, an old man whose face is marked by age and by a life that flew by, in an almost surreal but poetic and elegant dimension, reflects upon the important things he lost, upon what life has offered him and on the time that is no longer coming back. Will sincere friendship and memory be able to save the life of a man despite the awareness that it is impossible to go back in time? ...

XX° Festival del Cinema Europeo - Lecce;
Age of Or International Arthouse Film Festival - Kolkata (India);
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (India);
"Official Video Library” FIGARI FILM FEST/Olbia Film Network;
River Film Festival - Padova;
Prisma Independent Film – Roma;
Social Film Festival – Benevento;
Ischia Film Festival – Ischia (Na);
Social Word Film Festival – Vico Equense (Na);
European Cinematography Awards – Amsterdam;
Figari Film Festival – Agrigento;
Noto International Film Festival – Noto (Sr);
Militello Independent Film Fest – Militello in Val di Catania;
Vicoli corti – Massafra (Ta);
Picentia Short Film Festival – Montecorvino Rovella;
Karlovci Film Festival – Sremski Karlovci (Serbia);
Vicoli corti – Massafra (Ta);
Corto Dino – Torreannunziata (Na);
COFFI CortOglobo Film Festival Italia – Vietri Sul Mare (Sa);
Lecce Film Fest – Lecce;
Roma Cinema DOC – Roma;
Varese International Film Festival.

  • Valerio Manisi
  • Giovanni Siliberto
  • Valerio Manisi
  • CTJS & Valerio Manisi
  • Alvaro Vitali
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    19 minutes 19 seconds
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Director Biography - Valerio Manisi

Valerio Manisi is an Apulian writer, director, actor, musician and cartoonist (born in 1985 – Grottaglie TA / Puglia / Italy). Theatre, his greatest passion ever since he was a child, is the artform to which he has dedicated his life through his roles as writer, performer and producer. In 2018 he made his debut in cinema with his first short film "Sciamu", which tells the environmental drama of Taranto, starting from the homonymous track he wrote for his Canzoniere. (

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Director Statement

"Live life" is my reflection on time, on life and on the importance of its moments. It all started when I lost my maternal grandmother, who was as important to me as my mother. She raised me, spoiled me and loved me. Reflecting on the fact that I would never be able to live again all the beauty she gave me, I decided to invite everyone through this film, with humility and simplicity, to be focused and aware of the moments of one's life, because life is important ... plus we only have one life to live. Ernesto Sabato, a famous Argentine writer once said: "Life is written as a draft, and we do not have the possibility to make the final amendments”.
Mindful of all the Italian news stories related to him, I immediately thought of Alvaro Vitali as the perfect interpreter for the role: his experience and his life story were perfectly suited to wear the clothes of the character that I envisioned. Furthermore, I wanted to see him work with a dramatic script, which is very different from his famous comic gags and from the character of Pierino that have, at times, limited him so much in the past. Alvaro is a very good actor, and Italian cinema must not forget him.”