Trinity Twins (ATOMSPHERE II)

Trinity Twins is an interactive film installation in which radioactivity transforms documentary scenes from my nuclear travels in real-time. The premiere in Germany in 2022 took place while military units were invading the Chernobyl exclusion zone and the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

In 1999, I began to explore the cultural quality of radioactivity. This journey took me to Chernobyl, Geneva, Fukushima, Hiroshima, Vienna, Paranal, Karlsruhe, Haigerloch and finally Hechingen, my birthplace and headquarters of the German uranium club at the end of World War II.

My filmic installation "Trinity Twins" documents cinematic scenes of this fleeting acquaintance with the primordial nuclear force. The omnipresent cosmic radiation, measured with a Geiger-Müller counting tube, rearranges cinematic elements in real time and transforms them into "cinematic isotopes". Each iteration is releasing the filmic documents from the constraints of linear narration introducing a quantum cinema of pure probability.

Thus, scenes of my work "Before Sunrise" with the Slovenian music group Laibach show the last days of the earth's pristine atMOsphere. In 1945, the German nuclear reactor experiment B8 in a cave in Haigerloch triggers a chain of unpredictable events: 664 uranium cubes on chains wait for criticality above a reactor pool filled with heavy water. Directly above this reactor, on a rock, is a church. The name of this church is Trinity, just like the name of the very first atomic bomb, which detonates shortly thereafter on July 16, 1945, in the desert Jornada del Muerto, the Dead Man's Path, in New Mexico.

This first atmospheric nuclear explosion is the day zero of the infossil epoch, the beginning of the transformation of the atmosphere into the atomsphere, the context in which humanity, through the application and aspired mastery of atomic processes, begins to create a new planetary environment through the transmutation of matter, machines, minds and money. In the cave in Haigerloch humanity leaves her first radioactive cave painting, painted with radioisotopes on the canvas of time, the destroyer of worlds.

It is the beginning of the epoch, which has recently been assessed as sustainable. A foolish assessment, just consider the situation 2022 in Ukraine, where nuclear power plants are being held hostage at war without any accountability for radiation safety being addressed, a mere 3 weeks following the declaration of nuclear sustainability by the European Union.

It is time to take hold of our privilege to renounce.

Welcome to the atOMsphere!

  • Michael Saup
  • Michael Saup
  • Marc Teuscher
  • Andreas Erhart
  • Holger Förterer
    Key Collaborators
  • Mina Špiler
    Key Cast
  • Matevž Kolenc
    Lead Artists
  • Project Type:
    Installation, Interactive Film
  • Genres:
    SCi-Fi, Atomsphere, Nuclear, War, documentary
  • Runtime:
    24 hours
  • Completion Date:
    March 19, 2022
  • Production Budget:
    38,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
  • Kinemathek Karlsruhe, Premiere
    March 19, 2022
    solo show
Director Biography - Michael Saup

Michael Saup is a German artist, researcher, instrumentalist, filmmaker and coder, pioneering the use of software as an artistic medium. He studied music, computer science and visual communication. He has acted as professor at HfG/ZKM in Germany and as the founding director of the Oasis Archive of the European Union. He is the co-founder of the Open Home Project, a humanitarian initiative to help people being affected by the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan. Michael Saup’s work focuses on the underlying forces of nature and society; an ongoing research into what he calls the “Archaeology of Future”. Michael Saup : “Art is the Signature of our Species.” Among his works are sound driven computer animations, interactive concerts and interactive site-specific light installations. In the early 2000’s his Weapons of Mass Education workshops were given in India, Afghanistan, Morocco and Europe. He shows in major museums, festivals and theatres worldwide, and has produced collaborative works with diverse, contemporary artists. He is now based in Berlin.

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Director Statement

As an artist, filmmaker, and educator, my creative journey has included pioneering the use of software in art, creating virtual digital worlds that respond to sound, and exploring radioactivity as a future art medium. I have exposed millions of people to mesmerizing light and sound experiences, imagined VR environments, and explored the connection between energy and art. My work reflects a deep reverence for nature and society and embodies the "archaeology of the future." Through teaching and collaborative projects, I have shared my passion and knowledge with others. Now living in Berlin, I continue to evolve and inspire through art.