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Ticking Time

After their wedding, newlywed couple, Alola and Saleem, are confronted with a startling revelation by Saleem's mysterious cousin, Mahilja: his family possesses the gift of immortality and wishes to pass it down. But first, the couple must undergo a challenge to prove their love is eternal and test Alola's obsession with immortality, but little do they know, the key to immortality is... babysitting.

  • Brandon Delgado
    Lazlo Loohooville Revival, Solemn Warfare Tree, Generation Sparrow Action, Retrogress
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    Horror, Comedy, Thriller
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Brandon Delgado

1st generation immigrant to parents from a remote village in the Mexican plains, Brandon Delgado has had a fascination for storytelling through film since he was fourteen! It was in sophomore year of high school that he wrote his first ever script, "Retrogress" at a whopping 73 pages!
Brandon Delgado is never afraid to take risks. During the 2019 COVID stock market boom, he made high risk, high reward investments which ultimately paid off, helping fund his future in film.
Using more than half the money he made, Brandon Delgado proceeded to produce his first ever movie, "The Lottery", on his own, in the summer of 2020. A learning experience, to say the least.
Since then, something awakened in him, and he has been on a nonstop, workaholic grind, creating 4 films in 7 months, and now aspiring to help the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex become a hub for the cinema scene!

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Writer Statement

I've been a mythology nerd since I was a kid. Greek, Norse, you name it - I devoured those stories. Immortality has always fascinated me most. Like, what would that REALLY be like? Thus, "Ticking Time" was born.

It follows this ancient tribe of immortals with wild rituals around death and rebirth. Where do we come from? Who are we? Heavy stuff. I geeked out creating this complex lore influenced by real legends, faiths and creepy horror.

At its core though, it's about relationships. Alola and Saleem's romance hits the rocks when his immortal family crashes the party. Thrust into his creepy world, Alola's got to face her own obsession with perfection and eternal life. I aimed to make them complex and flawed, like we all are.

I had fun playing with scenes and timelines to build tension. And conjuring demon transformations, rituals and battles! The house becomes alive with dark forces - it's a character itself!

In the end, it explores how we seek eternal youth and love, and what we sacrifice getting there. But there's some hope too. This genre mashup was rewarding to craft. I can't wait to keep refining it to enrapture other history and mythology geeks like myself!