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The Next Morning

Three small boys are living in a mountain cave. They are orphans. Sometimes they will go to a nearby village for their food. One day, the chandu(small boy ) came to the village dustbin area and had something from the dustbin and slept there all night. The next morning, Raju (the middle boy) went in search of Chandu. Finally, Chandu was discovered sleeping near a dustbin. After that, they are going to meet Jakku (the big boy). At the same time, Jakku is making food that one he hunts in the forest. One girl(Ponni) lives alone in that village. The same girl is working as a maid in another nearby village. Pooni will meet some of her friends on the way. They ask for help from Ponni for their jobs. There is an old lady who lives there. The old lady will collect forest chicken eggs and some leaves in the forest. In a small market, the same items she sell in the near future. Sometimes the three boys see Ponni while going for a job. Sometimes, boys collect food from one shop's dust pin. They will eat the same.

Three infamous murderers came to the same mountain. Ponni’s boss was on his way to the city one day when three assassins robbed and killed him. After that, they hide in the mountain area. They are used to see drug addicts. Simultaneously, small boys collect food from the village dustbin, coconuts from the forest, and snails from the pond. Sometimes those small boys do not get food. Then they tried to ask Ponni, she did not give to them. One day, the old lady went to the forest to collect eggs, but she didn't find any, so she returned home; on the way, she noticed some cultural dancers practising their moves; she didn't like violent dances, so she tried to return home. At the same time, the three killers moved to rob someone. Finally, they found the old lady home, and she was doing some dry grass packing in-house. They robbed her valuable things and killed her. They are then hide in the same location and accustomed to consuming drugs.At the same time, Ponni started to give food to small boys and used to play with three small boys. Every day, three boys wait for Ponni to bring food, and those small boys are attached to Ponni. One day, a small boy became hungry, and three killers saw Ponni approaching and attempted to capture her. However, Ponni escaped their grab, and the three killers attempted to pursue her. At the same time, a small boy went alone to search for food, but he didn't get anything and returned to the same place where the other two boys were waiting, and they were seen chasing pooni by the three men , but the three small couldn't do anything for Ponni because the small boy were hungry and tired, the three men tried to chase Ponni.

    Key Cast
    Key Cast
    Key Cast
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    1 hour 49 minutes 14 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 18, 2022
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Senthilkumar Alamuthu is an Indian film writer, director, and producer. He is a graduated mechanical and marine engineer. He has 14 years of experience in the merchant navy as a marine engineer officer. They began their production and directed their first film.

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