The Ladies of Lawrence

When a well know womanizer drops dead at his 70th birthday party, his three ex-wives coach the current wife through the ensuing publicity.

At a crowded 70th birthday party for Senator Lawrence Hall, his third wife, Beverly Hall (loud mouth 40s), greets the current and fourth wife Sophia Hall (naive 30s). Sophia seems rather clueless about her womanizing husband, so Beverly points out wife number one, Alice Hall (oozing class 70), and wife number two, Raquel Hall (carefree 50s), as well as former and current mistresses. Sophia is surprised at how many mistresses her 70 year old husband has had.

Sophia is informed that the ex-wives have a club of sorts. They all meet together once a month to play Scrabble. When asked what they talk about, Beverly tells Sophia, she can't tell her but they are leaving a spot open for her. Sophia doesn't expect to join.

All this happens as Beverly cues Sophia to look right and left in smiling poses for the many cameramen present.

The band starts to play a Besame Mucho (in public domain) but the Event Host stops the band. Beverly observes that the birthday boy must be late. Sophia asks what makes her thinks so. Beverly points out that the bolero is his theme song. Again Sophia is perplexed.

The band again plays and Lawrence strolls through the door to a cheering crowd. Lawrence grabs a former mistress, dips her, plants a kiss and starts dancing a Bossa. Raquel, wife number two, yells out and reminds him it's a Bolero. The crowd laughs as she leads him in a few steps. (It's the same routine every decade).

As the crowd segues into Happy Birthday (in public domain), he reaches for his current mistress but grabs his chest and drops dead from a heart attack.

Beverly and the his former wives encourage Sophia to move in on the scene and play the grieving wife so that the media gets their show.

As Sophia wails loudly over the body of her husband, the ex-wives voice their approval ushering the guests out.

Later the ex wives and Sophia along with six former mistresses including Maureen and Victoria wait for the arrival of the Attorney in the mansion library. Sophia is not at all happy at the presence of the mistresses and former wives who tell her to sit down and shut up.

Attorney Fiona Barber (dour faced 60s ) enters and reminds the ladies about how their non-disclosure agreements are tied to their continued financial support. The ladies speak of the mysterious deaths of former mistresses.

Fiona informs Sophia that her inheritance is totally dependent on her silence.

While Raquel sings a warning song, Alice invites Sophia to their Scrabble party and tells her, "It’s the only place you can truly speak your mind without recriminations.”

  • Suzanne Birrell
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    Short Script
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    Absurd, satirical comedy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Suzanne Birrell

Coming from small-town America and a multi-ethnic background [2nd gen. Sicilian, 2nd gen. Scotch, 3rd gen. German, & Potawatomi (not registered) ] Suzanne Birrell brings a unique perspective to her scripts.

Suzanne teaches middle school (where children are wild and hormones rage), plays bass in a country band, and generally observes life as inspiration for her stories. All of her screenplays feature great roles for women of all ages and are based on real-life and actual events albeit with a bit of exaggeration.

As a founding member, she formerly hosted the Screenwriters and Actors of Hollywood (2013- 2016) and now is the founder and host of the Screenwriters and Actors of Santa Fe (2017 to present) which does weekly table reads of scripts.

A former Associate Editor of “Discover Hollywood Magazine,” she reviewed 3 years’ worth of live theatre in and around Hollywood as well as managing a staff of writers.

Suzanne Birrell (SAG/AFTRA) studied script writing at Fullerton Community college in California and Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Writer Statement

Award-winning Screenwriter Suzanne Birrell likes good mysteries, satirical comedies, and tear-jerking dramas. She writes with passion. Her stories have depth. Her focus is on character pieces for ensemble casts. She has written numerous features, TV scripts, and short staged proof of concepts. She continually enjoys repeated success in screenplay contests.