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The Beneficials

Hermi lives in a beautiful forest, a young worm with big ambitions of being like his parents who’ve made plants extraordinary, like ordinary worms naturally do.

One day, he begins his mission (to win the biggest trophy in the forest) while befriending a few forest creatures along the way.

During his adventure in the forest, a HUGE storm washes him into an unfamiliar place everyone warned him to stay away from, THE CORN FIELD!

After the storm, he finds himself lost and in a desolate land containing almost no life within the soil. He’s accosted by HUGE scary corn stalks.

He notices something bizarre about the corn and the strange land he's in. "This isn't anything like the forest." He whispered to himself. "There's something wrong with this place."

Hermi is lost, outnumbered, chased, attacked, and captured. Through this dangerous struggle, Hermi realizes his mission is much bigger than himself.

He desperately needs to get back home, find his forest friends, to help save the Maze Community from dangerous pests and chemicals. Because, “What makes the forest so beautiful, should also work for the Maze Community.”

However, he can’t help anyone until he controls his secret ghost. He’s courageous on the outside but frightened on the inside. So much, that it’s extremely embarrassing. When he gets scared, he poops.

This could be a blessing or a curse.

This story is 100% factual in nature and is hugely multi-charactered with 20+ wonderful characters the world has never seen.

From worms to microbes to insects. Nature knows best.
This IS how plants should grow. It IS the Greatest Story in Earth!

  • Paul Piccirillo
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    United States
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  • Moondance International Film Festival

    September 15, 2019
    Best Feature Screenplay for Kids
  • Hollywood Screenplay Contest

    October 1, 2019
    Best Family Feature
  • TSL Free Screenplay Contest

    May 18, 2020
Writer Biography - Paul Piccirillo

2010 – Started a website, to teach people how to use nature to grow amazing food and medicine by using worms and beneficial microbes. 600+ page website.

2015 – Self-Published the largest, in-color, practical worm farming book on the market, The Worm Farming Revolution, 274 pg. How-to guide on culturing worms for the purpose of growing amazing plants.

Published an eBook, Worm Farming Revealed’s Secret Recipe for Growing Large, Healthy, & Pest Resistant Plants.

Designed a PowerPoint presentation (for growers like me) showing the results of using nature to grow and maintain healthy plants.

2016 – Created The Worm Farming Coloring and Activity eBook for children. This was the beginning of The Beneficials – Heroes of the Soil, story line.

2017 – Wrote a 2-hr story for the general audience. The Beneficials – Heroes of the Soil. I wanted to share my success with the world like never before. The only way I could think it would be possible would be to mix education with entertainment. Now the world will be highly entertained and not know they’re actually learning about how nature REALLY works.

Designed several illustrations portraying the characters for the story and a 1-minute trailer.

Some Illustrations and Movie Trailer:

More illustrations available upon request (email).

All publications:

Garden Pics Proof:

This story is 100% true to how nature works. This is my life’s work, my passion, and based on my experiences as a successful gardener and beneficial animals. Now I’m sharing it with the world in a way they will enjoy.

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