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Sasha, a strong and loveable woman, rides in a car with her devoted former military boyfriend, Gabriel. While driving, the two create and refine a list of activities they want to complete together in their life. However, their joy is short lived as police pull them over and arrest Gabriel for an assault and robbery after badgering the witness, Mr. Huang, to identify Gabriel as the culprit.
Two years later, Gabriel is still behind bars as Sasha has been able to provide the proof (a series of photos) that show they were nowhere near the incident that day. Sasha provides
emotional strength and faith for both of them, until she is rocked with terrible news...she has stage four cancer. Sasha confronts Mr. Huang, who is very apologetic, but won’t change his testimony
without concrete evidence. Sasha cheers up Gabriel in prison by talking about all the things they will do on the list once he’s freed, like singing karaoke. When Sasha learns she doesn’t have long to live, she confronts the new owner of the photo development shop, Ling. With her help, they’re able to find the packet of photos
proving Gabriel’s innocence. However, at that exact moment, Sasha collapses on the floor. Gabriel’s’ attorney informs him that Sasha found the evidence and he’s being released, but...also reveals that Sasha has suffered a fatal heart attack from the stress and the
cancer. Upon his release from prison, Gabriel visits Sasha’s grave to grieve. Then he pays a visit to Jenny, Sasha’s beloved grandmother. Jenny convinces him to complete the list they were creating together.

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Writer Biography - Johnny Galvan

Having penned an extensive portfolio with over 15 spec feature scripts spanning a spectrum of genres, Johnny Galvan has tried to pride himself on crafting narratives that captivate, challenge, and connect. Each script, each line, and each word reflect a commitment to excellence and a passion for storytelling, elements he believes are paramount in creating a profound cinematic experience. He is also the author of The Places I've Peed, an art and travel coffee table book that has gotten rave reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Johnny Galvan III is a screenwriter with over 15 speculative screenplay scripts written. He has been to over 35 countries and counting. He is a father, husband, fighter, hugger, writer, appraiser, dog lover, and beer drinker.