Sweet Synchronicities

Beginning the story with two boys Dev and Veer from a farmer family in a small town who are childhood friends, how they grow up and move to the city and begin a new journey of life and there starts their new phase as corporate professionals and meeting their romantic partners Mansi and Gaia, two independent, brave and successful millennial woman of the society.
There are the family members of mansi and Gaia who are very profound, legendary and Royal. Both the family of the girls plays crucial role in influencing the life path of both Dev and Veer; in short both their life take a 360 degree turn where both Dev and Veer transforms and their perspectives in life change to a larger extent.
There are also other characters involved independent to the above storyline like Rebecca who is mansi's business partner and fiance of mansi's elder brother Ravi who is a very successful businessman. Ravi plays a crucial role in the whole season as he inspires the developments and illumination in Dev, Veer and many other characters lives presented in the storyline.
There is Gaia's grandmother Isis who is a social leader who works with government and corporate biggies in bringing development to the society. while all of these characters have their own life experiences throughout the process, veer come across many unexpected events in the midst of the social happenings that is in sync with the purpose Of his life.
In addition there are certain beautiful characters like Ivy who is a transgender fighting with her sexuality and there is Her elder sister cheryl who put her life on hold due to her sisters battles.
Cheryl has her own set of girlfriends Diamond and Swan who are more of emotional support system to her. All three of them celebrate life together and inspire each other to evolve as liberated individuals.
The season ends with unexpected events and happy endings that leaves the viewers mind with new outlook in life and allows them to open up to the universal consciousness where resides the power of love, oneness, purpose and liberation.

  • Monalisha Gantayat
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    Screenplay, Other
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Writer Biography - Monalisha Gantayat

I am Monalisha Gantayat, a passionate actress, screenplay and song writer from India believes in creating purposeful art that inspires, engages, entertains, involves and educates us about everything that is necessary to live with higher perceptions. Prior to this I have been working as a Brand consultant and have done my Msc in Electronic Media from an institute called Garden City College in Bangalore, India.

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Story telling is a form of meditation that influence the community to get inspired, transform, evolve, lead, succeed, transpire and rise to higher consciousness. I have taken this opportunity of pursuing art through story telling and make my contribution to the community and all the universe's that we are inside out. Thank you.