SUPERNOVA 2017 took place September 22nd & 23rd in Denver, Colorado

You can experience more about the festival via Denver Digerati on Facebook and Vimeo

Supernova is the only major festival to focus solely on the latest advances in digital animation as art, presented free to the public on large-scale LED screens in the heart of a prominent metropolitan context. The festival returns to the Denver Theatre District once again in downtown Denver, Colorado, following the super successful launch of the program in 2016. A short reel encapsulating last year's festival can be viewed on our vimeo page along with previews from last year's programming at https://vimeo.com/denverdigerati

Supernova utilizes a robust network developed over six years of unique programming developed by host Denver Digerati that has brought advances in digital animation and motion art to a network of public LED screens situated in Denver’s downtown core as a new public art viewing experience. The program promotes the dynamic, rapidly advancing impact technology is having in art throughout the world today in an exciting and radically innovative context. Supernova is the future of public art.

The core of Supernova is our competition showcase, presented simultaneously on our most prominent wide-screen LED at the corner of 14th and Champa as well as a temporary LED screen installed within the Denver Performing Arts Complex grand open-air Galleria, complete with seating and an outdoor bar. Viewing at either screen is an experience like no other and available for anyone to attend. Three significant cash prize awards will be given to the top entries, determined by our distinguished panel of guest jurors, including 2016 award winners Peter Burr and Raquel Meyers, along with the singular visionary artist Faiyaz Jafri. Jurors are chosen for their prestige within digital media on an international level as well as their involvement with our programming and festival in previous years.

This year’s festival will include seven hours of continuous film screenings of curated, short-form digital content presented on our infrastructure of LED screens sorted into various genres including but not limited to narrative, abstract, student shorts, experimental, long-form and music video. This year’s Solo Artist Spotlight will feature works by Jeremy Couillard, one of the brightest examples of why today’s new world of digitally-based art is thriving like nobody would have ever conceived, paving the way for entry into the more vaunted realm of crucial, contemporary art. Couillard has integrated gaming-related aesthetics, visual coding techniques and storytelling with deep, universal themes to enormous, profound, often hilarious heights in the last six years through a prolific body of animated works.

Supernova will once again host a special all-day educational forum featuring juror presentations, field-related discussions and small-screen art engagement throughout day at Commons on Champa Innovation Center. Limited attendance, ticketed event.

Colorado is widely hailed for the state’s natural beauty and a great variety of outdoor sports. The city of Denver, however, is one of the highest growth metropolitan centers in the United States and the perfect arena for presenting this cutting edge experience. Denver is the only city to utilize LED screens for the greater good with a festival that celebrates a rapidly growing art form that is international in scope and caliber, making Supernova the city's most singular and innovative project to date.

Awards & Prizes

SUPERNOVA Grand Prize Award
$2,000 + Supernova 3d printed Trophy

2017 Winner: Max Hattler / Divisional Articulation

2016 Winner: Peter Burr / The Mess

GALAXY 2nd Prize Award
$1,500 + Supernova 3d printed Trophy

2017 Winner: Jack Wedge / Tennessee

2016 Winner: Raquel Meyers / Vladijenk II
(The corroded mainframe at Tartarus edition)

STAR 3rd Prize Award
$1,000 + Supernova 3d printed Trophy

2017 Winner: Nikita Diakur / Ugly

2016 Winner: Alan Warburton / Soft Crash

$250 Cash prize award

2017 HB - Seishi Irimajiri / Bordeline

2017 HB - Emily Sasmor / Strangers Cowboys

2016 Honorable Mentions: Kendra Fleischman and Birch Cooper

Previous award recipients are not eligible for awards two years in a row, but may still submit content for the festivals curated programs.

Rules & Terms


- Early entry is by June 15th, 2017.
- First entry at $15. Additional second entry at $10
- Works entered by early deadline may be sampled up to 15 seconds for advance ads or our various “Flash” programs presented on our public LED screens.
- Final deadline for all entries is by August 1st, 2017.
- Entries after June 15th at $25 each.


1. Supernova will accept submissions from anywhere in the universe. All submissions should be suitable for display in a public context, please review Denver Digerati history for suitability purposes.

2. Supernova is only accepting works built primarily through digital means and techniques, please no “live-action” works unless they integrate appropriately with a digital interface. Supernova will showcase the best digital animation being created in the world from categories that might include, but are not limited to:

- Anything goes, show us your work!

3. All submissions should be between 60 seconds to 10 minutes in length. If you feel strongly enough that your work should be considered outside these parameters, you may still submit.

4. All submissions must have been completed no earlier than 2016. Priority will be given to new works that are not yet available for viewing online until after the festival takes place. Supernova will consider “works in progress” that are not fully complete before the deadline, if so noted.

5. Supernova LED screens have two frame ratios: 462 pixels high x 1100 pixels wide (14th and Champa Main Screen) and 360 pixels high x 456 pixels wide (14th and Arapahoe Screen). Festival entries will be formatted with black masking as necessary.

6. Works must be submitted as digital files in .mov format at highest quality of resolution available. Vimeo Links also accepted.

7. All artists may submit up to two works for consideration.

8. Artists selected for the festival programming or competition will be notified via email upon acceptance. Denver Digerati will produce screen credit for all accepted works.

10. Program schedule will be announced in early September, 2017 in advance of the festival. The best place to follow SUPERNOVA is on the Denver Digerati facebook page.


Any documents, files, photos or other material submitted will not be returned and will remain in the property of Denver Digerati, as part of its content archive.

Denver Digerati curated programs and content reels are intended for public display or presentation in appropriate non-profit cultural settings throughout the world.

For this purpose the artist / license holder herewith grants Denver Digerati the non-exclusive public and non-public exhibition right to present the work in the Supernova screening program, at selected conference locations, in the online archives, and partnering curated screening programs.

The artist / license holder's rights to the work remain completely unaffected, especially the right to reproduce and distribute or otherwise make use of it. Denver Digerati solely asks for the right to include the material in its own curated programs with appropriate art reference clearly indicated.

Submission of the material grants Denver Digerati the right to feature samples and stills for promotional purposes of Supernova reference on TV and online media.

By entering the competition you certify that you hold all necessary rights for the submission of material and agree to the SUPERNOVA Submission rules.


If any may be addressed to ivar@plusgallery.com

Our FilmFreeway cover image features an animation by Hirad Sab featured at last year's competition screening.

9 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Atomic Elroy

    This is the premier outdoor video festival

    November 2017
  • false
    Geoffrey James

    Very professional from the start. I had this event on my calendar and had even booked plane tickets but I had an emergency surgery a few weeks previously and couldn't attend. From what I can see the festival is an incredibly powerful and fun event. I really wish I could have been there, but am very honored to be included at all!

    October 2017
  • false
    Sara Buehring

    Thanks for your great communication and organisation!

    October 2017
  • false
    Paul Johnson

    Great unique presentation, awesome talks and people to meet there, and Ivar is personable and passionate about the festival. Thanks for everything!

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Paul, it was so great to have you out to the festival this year, your work looked great!

  • false
    James Hughes

    Very passionate about animators and the great work being done. Really great team and film festival. Cannot recommend them enough.

    September 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks James, it was an honor to screen your work, I should be sending some photos along soon once I get all compiled.