Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON/IKONEN 1)

Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON/IKONEN 1)
Format: 16:9/HD
Audio: Stereo
Length: 9:59 Min.
Year: 2019

Silhouettes *Iconique* is the first part of the LICHTPHON cycle trilogy „IKONEN“ and shows loneliness, vulnerability, bliss, drama and poetry in devoted yearning to existence. A surreal timeless dream state in a feverish intoxication. Time and place is unreal. A woman freezes in an dreamlike intermediate stage between life and death. In her loneliness she hallucinates with inner visions full of passion and sensitivity. The transition stands still. A new physical and mental state arises. holds, protects and saves her from the end. This moment becomes eternal - an icon is born.

- An Icon is born -

In Silhouettes *Iconique* emotions, time and space are compressed, condensed and overcome. In a closed cycle the state and expression is extended in motion and frozen in an endless recurring form. The end becomes a beginning. The transience is dissolved and a transformation takes place. Silhouettes *Iconique* transforms the moment and gives birth to an icon.

- Focus the moment / Change in perspective -

Through the artistic work in the dissolution, deformation, temporal substantial reshaping, repetition, equalization and decomposition of image and sound in itself to the point of formlessness, new existences, unrealities, existential, surreal sound sculptures and moving images are created and change perception. Silhouettes *Iconique* stimulates the viewer's imagination and creates intensive listening and viewing for a new inner reflection and reconstruction. Sound and image form an inseparable unit, so the viewer's contextual perspectives change.

The visual basis of Silhouettes *Iconique* refers to a fragment of the silent film „La petite marchande d'allumettes“ by Jean Renoir from 1928 after the fairy tale „Das kleine Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern“ by Hans Christian Andersen (1845).

- LICHTPHON Cycle Trilogy IKONEN -

The theme of the LICHTPHON cycle trilogy „IKONEN“ is about capturing a moment in the transition to its transformation. The holding and keeping of a temporal state in eternity, from which in its transformation and repositioning a new system, new existences, a new being - an icon is created.

In the unfolding and discovering of beauty in decay, deconstruction and re-creation new existences arises. Each part of the trilogy shows sovereign, autonomous icons that stand alone in their existence and interact in their relationship and community with one another. On the visual and tonal sensory level, the icons communicate subtly with themselves, with each other as well as with the viewer and listener. Immortality is figured in an endless time loop. Ways of hearing and views are changed, which reveals a new and unknown „Noworld“. The visual and tonal magic of the cycle trilogy „IKONEN“ is created through the re-design of the form of transformation and the magic of renewal.

Part 1-3 of the IKONEN cycle trilogy result in a triptych video/sound room installation. Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON/IKONEN 1) is the first part of the trilogy.

  • Schahram Poursoudmand
  • Schahram Poursoudmand
    Video Art
  • Schahram Poursoudmand
  • Schahram Poursoudmand
  • Schahram Poursoudmand
    Sound Design
  • Schahram Poursoudmand
  • Schahram Poursoudmand
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON/IKONEN 1)
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Short, Web / New Media, Other
  • Genres:
    mediaart, digital art, poetic, sound, drama, fairytale, soundart, videoart, experimental, music, avant-garde, avantgarde, animation, sci-fi, score, soundtrack, digitalart, visual art, visualart, surreal, abstract, poetry, silent film, bizarre, existence, existentialism
  • Runtime:
    9 minutes 59 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 1, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Top Indie Film Awards
    February 24, 2020
    Winner: Best Sound
  • Top Indie Film Awards
    February 24, 2020
    Nominee Best Music
  • Top Indie Film Awards
    February 24, 2020
    Nominee Best Experimental Short
  • Top Indie Film Awards
    February 24, 2020
    Nominee Best Original Idea
  • Berlin Illambra Experimental Film Festival
    December 13, 2019
    Official Selection
  • New York Movie Awards
    New York City
    United States
    January 26, 2020
    Official Selection
  • Genre Celebration Festival
    December 7, 2019
    Official Selection
  • SorsiCorti International Short Film Festival
    June 11, 2020
    Official Selection
  • Prague International Film Festival
    Czech Republic
    April 23, 2021
    Honorable Mention: Best Experimental
  • Athens International Digital Film Festival
    September 30, 2020
    Official Selection
  • Festival international Signes de Nuit - Paris
    October 1, 2020
    France/Paris Premiere
    Official Selection
Director Biography - Schahram Poursoudmand

Schahram Poursoudmand
Composer - Music & Sound Artist - Visual Imagist - Poet

Schahram Poursoudmand is a German composer, music & sound artist, visual imagist and poet. He creates extraordinary music, sound and visual art of a unique kind. In his artistic work he explores and creates existential, metaphysical experimental art. Exceptional avant-garde visions of music, sound, visual art and poetry.

Award-winning and worldwide presented artistic works. Presentations, festivals and exhibitions: Tokyo, New York City, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, Seoul, Toronto, Saint Petersburg, San Francisco, Berlin, Centre for Contemporary Art Barcelona, National Museum of Modern Art Nimes, Center for Contemporary Art Beijing, World Financial Center New York City etc.

Existence, time, deconstruction, transcendence, the infinite moment and discovery in the unknown are some of the themes in his work. He also worked as a curator for international media art exhibitions, was a musician, singer, founder of several experimental music bands and is a writer of poetic texts.

Music, sound and visual works, films, photo art, theatre works, CD releases:
„Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON/IKONEN 1)“, „Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X)“, „Auf Ewig (Lichtschrei/Lichtphon)“, „After the Day before (Másnap)“, „SOURCE“, „SHINE - inthecentre“, „theprimitivecreature“, „biomechanics“, „Ein Zeichen“ etc.

Soundtrack for the award-winning drama “After the Day Before (Másnap)" together with Arvo Pärt, György Ligeti.

Cooperation with the Swiss artist and Oscar winner H.R. Giger. Soundtracks to the paintings „Biomechanics“ (1995), „The Shiner“, „The Primitive Creature“, „New York City“.

CD album „SHINE - inthecentre“. For his project „SHINE“, inspired by the art of H.R. Giger, Schahram Poursoudmand created and realized the concept album as a composer, musician, singer and producer. On the occasion of the H.R. Giger exhibition „Visioni Di Fine Millennio“ at Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi in Milan (1996), the limited luxury edition of the exhibition catalog including the CD album „SHINE - inthecentre“ appeared. Limited catalog and CD are signed by both artists.

In the avant-garde projects LICHTPHON, ONEVERYMOON, LICHTSCHREI, SHINE and ART-AVANT, Schahram Poursoudmand develops creative possibilities for discovering identity and beauty through disintegration, dissolution, transformation and recreation of being and beyond in the transitions from existence to non-existence. The moment becomes eternity. This is the essential approach and intention of his artistic passion.

Music, sound, image and moving picture is manipulated, stretched and condensed in form, time and space. Tonal and visual entities, sections and details, become disintegrated through dissolution in themselves and creates new structures, unknown realities and surreal elements by further deformation in the beauty of decomposition and recreation.

Schahram Poursoudmand creates unreal worlds of strange beauty, mystery and drama with unique aesthetics and expressiveness.

“The fascination of renewal after the dissolution. The discovery and representation of beauty through artistic deconstruction. The changing and exploration of the new created by deformation of time and time states. The diving into deep nanostructured sound and image worlds when creating existence into non-existence and new realities are the topics that stirs and fascinate me. Not the obvious, clearly audible and visible - but the secret behind the veil."

... another unknown unknown time ...

Works I Publications I Screenings I Honours (Selection)

2018 - 2020

"Silhouettes *Iconique* (LICHTPHON / IKONEN 1)" / Cycle Trilogy IKONEN (1/3) / Video-Music-Sound-Art-Vision
• New York Movie Awards, New York
• Berlin Illambra Experimental Film Festival, Berlin
• Genre Celebration Festival, Tokyo
• Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo
Winner Best Sound
Nominee Best Experimental Short
Nominee Best Music
Nominee Best Original Idea

“Schmutziges Licht (LICHTPHON Art-Avant X)“ / Sound/Video Art - Co-Production with Video Artist Yoann Trellu
• Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2020, Paris
• Retro Avant Garde Film Festival RAGFF Venezia / Winner Best Experimental Short Film
• Top Indie Film Awards / Winner Best Sound / Nominee Best Experimental Short & Best Music & Best Original Idea
• Florence Film Awards / Winner Honorable Mention: Original Score & Sound Design
• Genre Celebration Festival Tokyo / Nominee Best Score & Best Visual Effects
• AltFF Alternative Film Festival Toronto / Nominee Best Short Experimental
• New York Movie Awards
• KRAF International Short Film Festival
• Beijing International Short Film Festival
• Beijing International Short Film Festival
• International Film Festival of Larissa
• Lisbon Film Rendezvous
• BIDEODROMO International Experimental Film and Video Festival
• Golden Statuette International Film Festival Los Angeles
• BlackBox Short Film Festival
• Dolgoji Experimental Short Film Festival
• KINOLIKBEZ International Film Art Festival
• XIX RADIO CITY, International Film Art Festival
• L.I.F. Audiovisual Art Festival

2008 - 2017

"AUF EWIG (LICHTSCHREI)" / Soundtrack for the electroacoustic project Vox Novus
• World Financial Center, New York City, US
• FoFA Gallery, Montreal, CN
• EARFEST New York, US
• Sonic Art Festival Oxford, GB
• NonSequitur Festival, Seattle, US
• Full Moon Concerts - Long Night’s Moon, San Francisco, US
• University of North Dakota, US
• Outside the Box New Music Festival, Southern Illinois University, US

“SOURCE“ / Zeppelin Sound Art Festival, Centre of Contemporary Art of Barcelona

“SIL” Sound/Video installation / Short Circuit, Exhibition, Foro Artistico, International Media-Art, Hanover, DE


“UN SON PARLA - FESTIVAL DES MUSIQUES D ́AUJOURD ́HUI“ / New Soundtrack for an movie extract of the award-nominated thriller “Lemming” (2005) Director: Dominik Moll, Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling / Carré d'Art, National Museum of Modern Art, Nîmes, FR


“AFTER THE DAY BEFORE (Másnap)“ / Film Score for the award-winning drama, HU / Director: Attila Janisch / Music: Schahram Poursoudmand, Arvo Pärt, György Ligeti, Hans Mittendorf
• Winner Grand Prize, Budapest Hungarian Film Week
• Winner Best Cinematography, Budapest Hungarian Film Week
• Emerging Master Award, Seattle International Film Festival
• Blue Angel for Best Cinematography, Kosice Art Film Fest
• Winner Film Critics Award, Hungarian Film Critics Awards


“GHOSTS FROM THE DARKSIDE 1“ / SHINE: Track “Shine”/ 2 CD Sampler/V.A. (Christian Death, Gitane Demone etc.)


“H.R. Giger & Schahram Poursoudmand (SHINE / VISIONI DI FINE MILLENNIO) / Exhibition “H.R. Giger / Visioni Di Fine Millennio” / Deluxe Exhibition Catalogue: Ltd. ed. of the exhibition catalogue with SHINE – inthecentre CD album. Deluxe Edition (hardcover/clothbound). Total No. 170 / 1-70 incl. CD. Catalogue and CD are signed by Schahram Poursoudmand and H.R. Giger. Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan, IT


1985 - 1995

“BIOMECHANICS & THEPRIMITIVECREATURE” / Compositions to the paintings "the shiner" & "the primitive creature" of the Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger.

“EIN ZEICHEN“ Music for the experimental theatre project F. Fazz, Berlin, DE

"Projects, Bands, Concerts, Performances"

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Director Statement

“The fascination of renewal after the dissolution. The discovery and representation of beauty through artistic deconstruction. The changing and exploration of the new created by deformation of time and time states. The diving into deep nanostructured sound and image worlds when creating existence into non-existence and new realities are the topics that stirs and fascinate me. Not the obvious, clearly audible and visible - but the secret behind the veil."