STALLION KAMYAR® - of stable BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER WINNING EQUINALE 2023 POSTER - this is the movie poster of the winning advertisement trailer of the festival EQUINALE 2023 - produced, designed and photographed by Bastian Lee Jones

  • Bastian Lee Jones
  • Bastian Lee Jones
    Graphic Design
  • Genres:
    Straight Arabian horses, English thoroughbred, Portraits
  • Date Taken:
    May 1, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
  • Camera:
  • ISO / Film:
  • Student Project:
  • Equinale
    EQUINALE Schloss Neuhof
    August 20, 2023
Artist Biography

Cosmopolitan, open-minded, being like a sponge: "I´d like to know how bankers, lawyers, artists, working people - simply people are thinking and feeling. I´m never with musicians or same aged people - that´s boring and this would be a bit incestuous!"
He was born on the famous island of the "Thousand Gods" Bali, before he has seen the world, he already was listening to jazz and Chopin music, his mother loved to hear during pregnancy. His father took him soon out after birth on his motorbike, discovering the world.
After few years he landed on another island, called Berlin (the city to be). As kid he sang for hours nursery song after nursery song by heart, constructed his own drum sets, painted and constructed lots of self designed LEGO vehicles.
He started to make photos on his CANON his mother gave him - since the early age of 6!
There he started soon performing in church and in kindergarten and in school. He took part in LEGO Worldchampionship and won few prizes and became member of the celebrated boys choir "Schöneberger Sängerknaben". Within that he learned lots about showbusiness: discipline, work, the capability to wait (during recordings, movieshootings etc.), talent and perseverance, for he sang regularly in Deutsche Oper the children songs in various productions, worked with Oscar winner Maximilian Schell, Grammy winner Herbert von Karajan and Luciano Pavarotti and even Danny Kaye in a German blockbuster TV show. Just to name besides Jennifer Rush some of them.
Soon he knew: He wants to do something with music.
At the age of thirteen he started to play the piano and was able after only two years to play Chopin nocturnes.
He won a second prize at "Jugend musiziert" for playing Chopin, Beethoven, Bartok and Bach after three years of studying the piano intensively, which he started at the age of thirteen. After seeing Elton John (who he thought to be John Lennon), BLJ realized he rather like to become a songwriter at the piano rather more than becoming a classical pianoplayer. He learned from brilliant vocal coaches like Danny Eagle (who taught him lots about studio work) and Ginger LeeKahn (Canadian Jazz singer who was celebrated for singing all the Charlie Parker solos and who almost became Holly Cole!).

"Never stop learning, from everyone, even from those people that you dislike. Be inspired. But learn to know your self first very well. Being not having. But all these goals without a "I´m better than you" attitude and: never be boring!"
Soon he gave solo concerts in his own founded Club BLAUBETON kulturetage, where he performed covers of Randy Newman, Tom Waits, Elton John, Carole King and David Bowie besides his first own songs.
After school he studied musicology (composition, theory), ethnomusicology, marketing (market research), law and sciences of religions - everything to get inspired to write brilliant songs was welcome. Bastian was like a sponge. He learned each week two new jazz standards, in a month he wrote at least two songs, influenced by Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Britpop rockmusic like the Verve, Travis, Coldplay, Radiohead, Jamie Cullum, Ben Folds, Tanita Tikaram, Carole King, The Carpenters, David Bowie, Prince, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson and many more.In 2008 and 2009 he became best German songwriter at the UK Songwiriting Contest with his first stage name Kian Lee. The first very good result of his openness and versatility.

Should sound international. It should represent BLJ in its manifold ways.
He changed his stage name in 2012. Bastian is standing for the German part, Lee for the Asian part and Jones for the Irish part in him. The perfect name for a cosmopolitan young man. Thanks to DJ Pepe Vargas who had the idea!

You can´t get closer to the artist - it´s a sort of a cannibalistic ritual of a soul who likes to expose itself in front of others."
His „Wohnzimmerkonzerte“ is cult and are regularly sold out. In his living room he is giving concerts on his concert grand, let by a noble family. The name Liszt is involved with this instrument.

Three affirmation letters, enveloped, addressed to God and posted. Containing all the future visions of BLJ
as songwriter, performer, working with great producers, writing great songs, finding the right label and publishing partners etc. And that method brilliantly worked! The third letter was reposted and personally brought back to BLJ by the postman, shaking his heads. BLJ just pointed on the other two letters.

He produced a live album, called "sweet imperfections III" with his first own band and founded his own record-label EARMErecords (LC29347).
He is working now with René Schostak, who is team member of one of the most successful German producing studios and teams (producing bands and acts like Silbermond, Jeanette Biedermann, Marc Terenzi, Katarina Bach etc.).
With him he works on his German (true! - German album - a long process to write in one´s #vatersprache), called "#vatersprache". It starts with uplifting happy and empowering summer love songs and ends with sublime morbid tunes - what an emotional journey! A cover song of the famous German band Silbermond "Symphonie" and the former background singer of Whitney Houston, Della Miles, besides Christian Haase (Liedermacher) are also on it.
The Danish label xx123recordsxx is publishing the first single in Denmark "Wenn Du Willst" and will publish the album on vinyl!
A Scandinavian tour might occur soon with his new formation: BLJ TRIO with Tobias Bertram, drums, vocals) & Thomas Hoppe (bass, vocals).
BLJ´s publisher (PASR) initiates lots of publishings of BLJ´s cinematic, neoclassic piano tunes on several labels like AUDIOKULT, Neoklassik or Piano medication, gaining a steady reputation as composer on sites like spotify.
Bastian peaked at the US Songwriting Competition with his Dance/Electro song „Say you will“ the final, so as with four of his songs the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest.
He also works on his solo classic piano album "climaxual intimacies", occasionally with the Berlin deep house formation UCP Berlin, and on his latest minimal songs with an electro touch.
BLJ also works as photographer and PR consultant and music coach. As presenter he is presenting „Kunst Gegen Bares Berlin“ and other shows.
Being a performer is a blessing.
Bastian Lee Jones is publishing under his label EARMErecords classical piano albums and ANIME music - also the soundtrack score „KAMYAR STALLION® - symphony of a straight Egyptian black wild horse“. Nowadays Bastian Lee Jones concentrates on production and on his companies: The Bastian Lee Jones Mediagroup® - LebenslustTV® Ltd. & EARMErecords and the luxurious location BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER & Stable BERLINER BUSINESS WOHNZIMMER

It can´t go on like this. Speeding up, economization of almost everything and the separation of trade, finances and economy from the human beings. We need a slow down, real values, we need to treat our spaceship, planet earth. A transition and sustainability is needed. Where to start with? With the future:
In 2014 he travelled to Rio de Janeiro! With his first worldwide publishing. Music and sports are the only denominators which brings people together, no matter who, how and what they are. With his song "Vamos là!" he sponsors kids in the oldest favela of Brazil , in Rio, to learn reading and writing. What a blessing, being able to organize that with R.U.A_rio urban art project, which invited him to do a music video in May 2014 in Rio for that song - to celebrate the soccer World Cup 2014 and not forgetting the problems of the ordinary people in Rio !
Donations and song downloads are very welcome. 100% of the downloads will be donated - and given personally to the people in need by the head of RUA Romulo Correa. Further information on: and the video:
In Italy, BLJ is associated with Remo Longo´s BREK organization, supporting young people. It´s values are honesty, humility, altruism, respect and forgiving. Further information:
or on facebook:

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Artist Statement

I love photography, art, sciences, religions, MUSIC, design and education. Spirituality and personal development without becoming into a slave adn setting the traps of self-optimazation!