Ride Home 2030

In a near-future where AI-driven rideshare dominate the streets, a black single mother's routine journey home escalates into a desperate quest to protect her daughter and secure their last shot at a brighter future. (Blade Runner 2049) meets (Fruitvale Station)

  • Derek Quick Negane Meno
    Kommando 1944, Camping
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    Short Script
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    Drama, Short, scifi
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Derek Quick Negane Meno

Derek Quick (Negane Meno) is a multi award-winning Native American/Hispanic Writer, Director, Producer, and U.S. Navy and disabled U.S. Coast Guard Veteran with over 10 years of military service. He is a member of the Ottawa tribe of Oklahoma and his grandfather Chuck Red Cedar Todd was the Chief of the tribe. Derek's films have screened at Academy Award and BAFTA Qualifying festivals around the world including Short Shorts Japan, Imagine Native, British Urban Film Fest, Hollyshorts, and Cannes with the American Pavilion. Derek's Film Kommando 1944 a WWII film about the Japanese Americans in Internment camp in Manzanar California won over 160 awards including Outstanding World War II Short Film winner at the 2019 Spielberg's Band Of brothers film festival, won two Telly awards for best director and best diversity film. He also won two Remmy awards for best director and best drama short film at the World Houston festival.

Derek has a Degree from The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and studied film making at The New York Film Academy. He was accepted into the Writers Guild Veterans foundation in 2023 as well as the Native American Media Alliance.

His screenplays have won and have advanced in numerous festivals including, Screen Craft Film Fund 2023, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, Final Draft - Big Break 2023, StoryPros Awards 2023, Creative screenwriting Feature 2023, and Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Fest 2023.

Derek is also an active stock investor running his own fund since 2006 and was in third place in the world stock investing championship against active professional hedge funds in 2023.

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Writer Statement

"Ride Home 2030" is more than a screenplay for me; it's a mirror reflecting my own life as someone who has navigated the complexities of being working homeless, living in my car. Drawing on this lived experience, the film digs deep into the resilience of single mothers—especially those in economically precarious situations, as they balance work, housing insecurity, and family in an era dominated by AI-driven gig jobs.

In a future landscape where the future of work is controlled by technology, our protagonist embodies the challenges of holding down an AI-based gig job while grappling with the looming risk of losing custody of her child and her employment. The story is a call to acknowledge the hidden crises many face but society seldom sees. It's about a mother's indomitable spirit, showcasing the urgency and humanity behind the headlines about wage inequality, rising living costs, and the unstable nature of gig economy jobs.