Of Hounds and Wolves

In the near future, in the small European country on the background of burning pyres of first days of revolution - two loving souls get caught in the middle of oncoming struggle - their feelings hold them together, but their views and duty put them on the separates sides of barricades. They met last night hand-in-hand - where they will be at the end of this couple days?

  • Eugene Khazin
    Steel Will, Quite Supper, Trick of the Old Cat, HELL Inc.
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Eugene Khazin

Award winning director\writer, who among other clients worked with Olympic boxing champion - Taras Shelestyuk. Eugene Khazin - have more than dozen successfully finished projects up to date. He focusing mainly on science-fiction and fantasy genres, has years of research experience in this field of fiction. Eugene was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. He always had a strong interest towards creating stories and characters. He moved to USA, where as his second degree finished couple of film-making programs at New York Film Academy. Being raised in a time, where West and East cultures have begun to heavily interlink, Eugene has observed different forms of fiction, and he possesses a very good understanding of needs and wishes of people from different nations. His creative mind and unique ways of looking at day-to-day things helps him to make coherent and strong visions out of simple but deep stories. He is fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

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Writer Statement

At first, this script was based on dramatic events that happened in Ukraine in 2013-2014, so called "Euromaidan", which I observed closely. But, seeing in subsequent years series of very similar ongoing developments all around the world - France, Belgium from 2018, Venezuela from 2014, Hong Kong and Russia from 2019, several protests in USA since 2014 that put police against common crowd - it was decided to rewrite original script and make it more broad and universal.

Although current story still heavily inspired by tragedy that occurred in Ukraine, in some parts closely following chronology of those days, it is mostly allegorical fiction, intended to show not specific political games and forces, or judge somebodies actions, but to show how unseen decisions of those in power affected fate of different common people, their relationship and fates.