Experiencing Interruptions?

ND (Near Death)

Chris falls from a ladder into an empty bath at a house he is renovating. When he wakes, everything seems normal, his tools are on the ground and the ladder is on its side. He is unsure. He rings his wife, Sam, asking her to pick him up as he thinks he has had an accident and doesn’t want to drive. As he goes to leave the building he is confronted with an apparition. At the end of a corridor, he sees an open door but before he can get to it, it slams shut.
Again, Chris finds himself waking in the empty bath. The tools on the floor are children’s plastic toys. He is unsettled. He tries to dial emergency services but there is no signal. On leaving the bathroom he finds himself on a different floor, lined with large paintings. The apparition races towards him from the other end of the corridor. He finds an exit leading to some stairs and tries to escape. Clambering down several flights of stairs he tries to get to the outside door but again it slams shut in front of him.
A third time Chris wakes in the bath, but everything is blood red. When he sees the tools have become jigsaw pictures, he kicks them away in a rage. On leaving the bathroom he passes through the apparition which gives him a jolt. He presses on, finding himself scrambling down twice as many flights of stairs, pursued by the Spector. Within steps of the ground floor, he grabs his chest him pain, collapsing to the floor. The open door beckons, so Chris attempts to crawl towards it, but he is pulled back into the house and again the outer door slams shut.
Sam races into the bathroom to find Chris unconscious in the tub. She struggles to pull him out, but after many tries, she manages to pull him onto the floor. She calls emergency services, gives them directions to the old house and follows their instructions to attempt to revive him. All seems hopeless and Sam’s emotions get the better of her. Fighting through tears she can’t give up and battles on to resuscitate Chris.
Two paramedics burst through the door and took over. After a time, Chris takes his first breath. Sam is relieved to see he is alive. As Sam and the paramedics lead Chris along the corridor to the outer door it appears to open. Sam notices something about Chris’s expression, as the door slams shut. Everything goes dark.
Chris opens his eyes. He is back in the bath.

  • George John Kingsnorth
    GvH (2023), ND (2023), In The Room x 130 eps (2020-2022), Higher Quality of Disagreement (2019), Silent Whispers (2009), Crossing the Atlantic (2008), Fiddlers Walk (2006), Late (2003), Pane of Life (2003), One Night (2001), Computer Crazy (2000), The Engagement (1998), New Hope New Dream (1992)
  • George John Kingsnorth
    ND (2023), Bridge of Hope x 50 (2022-2023), Fiddler's Walk (2006), Monty's Quest (2009), Hidden (2009), The Fall (2008), The Engagement (1998)
  • Garvin Burke
    GvH (2023), ND (2023), In The Room x 130 eps (2020-2022).
  • Aidan O'Sullivan
    Key Cast
    A Season in Hell (2023), The Gallows Tree (2023), The Irish Mob (2023), Taedium Vitae (2023), Fungi (2022), Mask (2022),Crosshair (2022), Wallpaper (2022), Mystic Minnie (2022), The Troubles: A Dublin Story (2022), Newscheck - Governing Ireland (2022), The Note (2022), The Audition (2022), Spears (2022), The Quiet Girl (2022), Mad One (2021), Mildly Different (2021), Masks (2021), Law and Call Her (2020), Bloddy Sunday 1920 (2020), Hunger (2020), Shudder Street (2020, Follow the Dead (2020), Sonny Capone (2020), Undefeated (2020), and many more since 2012.
  • Susie Redmond
    Key Cast
    I am an Island (2021), Loose Threads (2020), Ours (2017)
  • George John Kingsnorth
    ND (2023)
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  • Genres:
    Horror, Supernatural
  • Runtime:
    9 minutes 13 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 17, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    0 EUR
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  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital, 4K
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - George John Kingsnorth

George has 40 years of professional experience in producing, writing, directing, editing and creating animations. He has also over 20 years of experience as a lecturer in Creative Media Production, teaching to students between Level 2 to Master Degree students. Over the last few years, he has been working with Garvin Burke on the 'In The Room' series of podcasts as part of 52JokersWild and is developing experiential workshops through The Film Production Academy, based in Thomastown.

TFPA is an innovative film funding and training platform designed to disrupt the Indie AV Production and Training Sectors. George has Co-Designed a suite of Micro-budget production programmes to enable the production of micro-budget digital short and feature films through experiential learning within a private boutique Film Production Academy. George is also mentoring filmmakers and writers in developing ideas, planning, scheduling, and putting into action their ideas. He manages mentors, film crew, and clients through pre-production, production and post-production.

George started his career studying at Nene College, in Northampton, then went on to Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design to study filmmaking. He now lives near Newry, in Northern Ireland.

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Director Statement

ND was inspired by a wonder about how we perceive the world around us questioning whether we fully understand what is real, what is imaginary and what is otherworldly. How often do we experience near-death events? My career in film and television has run alongside a quest to understand the spiritual world and how we perceive what we consider to be the real world.

In dreams, especially vivid ones, there seems to be some much information, colour and we easily become confused believing we are experiencing real life. Yet, in the small details, there are signs something is missing, everything is not there, or other objects are substituted for what should be there. A child’s toy drill instead of a functioning electrical one.

My choice of genre came from enjoying films such as Adrian Lyne’s ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ (1990) horror where reality and the internal psychological world are inverted so it is only at the end the audience can determine what is real.

My favourite film is Andrei Tarkovsky’s ‘Mirror’ (1975) because of the way the film reveals God through the ordinary, using practical filmmaking. For ND we deliberately set all the scenes inside, so the building encompasses everything. Each cycle of events takes Chris higher up in the building, so to escape he needs to go down numerous flights of stairs.

One of the challenges we had was struggling with our own fragility. During the first attempt at making the film, I found myself being taken to hospital with a heart rate of 38 beats per minute. I was fighting to get out so we could make the film but was forced to stop when the nurse told me if I didn’t rest, I wouldn’t be able to make the film as I would be dead. A near-death experience of my own.

On the second attempt, our location burst all its pipes due to severe winter weather, and then several of the crew went down with COVID. Others involved ended up in hospital due to other serious illnesses. I even lost a couple of friends and found myself at funerals which brought into focus how others experience this world and wonder about the next.

What I hope the audience will take away from the film is to question how much we really know about the world we think we live in. How much of it is real and how much is it our imagination that often corrupts our perceptions?