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Morning Star

Alice, a queer, suicidal party girl hits rock bottom and becomes a Satanist to reclaim her life.

  • Jennifer Daley
    Engaged in Vegas
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Jennifer Daley

Jennifer Daley is a writer, actor and filmmaker from Los Angeles. She has a film degree from UC San Diego and has been working with artist Paul McCarthy for the last four years on a series of feature films, VR, books and a large-scale installation. Their work has gone to Art Basel and Berlinale, and more work is to be be released in 2020. She is currently developing the show concept for Morning Star and just signed a distribution deal for Engaged in Vegas, a feature she produced and starred in. She is also currently producing a table read podcast called Pitch Party.

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Writer Statement

Morning Star is less about being a Satanist and more about broken people taking their power back. I think this might be my autobiography.

This pilot script is sort of the culmination of my 34 fucked up years on this planet. I want to say that I just had the hardest year I’ve ever had, but I’ve actually had a really hard… entire life? I’ve thought about killing myself since I was very young, and really surprised myself in 2019 by seriously contemplating it again. I decided however, that instead of killing myself I’d put everything on the page in hopes that someone would be able to relate and laugh with me about it.

So here we are.

I’m a fourth generation native Angeleno. I was born in East LA to a single mom who came from an abusive home, started working at McDonald’s when she was 15 and worked her way up to a supervisor position. For 13 years she was the mistress to the wealthy McDonald’s owner she worked for. That’s my dad. I’m a bastard McDonald’s love child. My friends call me the McBaby. I’d be bummed if it wasn’t such good material.

My dad had a wife and kids and my mom and I were a shameful secret. I have a half brother who’s only four months older than me. You do the math on that one. My childhood was a giant legal battle and my millionaire dad did everything he could to get out of paying any child support. We were incredibly poor, I was a victim of sex abuse and I was riddled with anxiety and eating disorders. I was going bald and had no eyelashes or eyebrows for my 5th grade yearbook photo because I had pulled all my hair out that summer. I was incapable of trusting anyone, and my only female example was a mentally ill alcoholic mother with zero self respect. Then she became a born again Christian. I could go on about the twisted mindfuck of guilt and shame that shift brought on but let’s CUT TO 2019.

A real shit year for America. I lost both of my grandparents, I held my adoptive dad’s hand while he died from cancer, my mom had a stroke, my ceiling caved in and flooded my apartment TWICE, a meth guy totaled my car and took off, my two best girlfriends went on a mission to disparage me and ruin my life and my health was in complete shambles.

I’ve had to admit to myself that I gave the better part of a decade to a pretty legit drug and alcohol addiction, horrible party friends and abusive relationships. And this year I decided to quit everything and everyone and really try to figure out how it all came to this. And let me tell you, looking at all your flaws in the face while you’re quarantined can really mess you up.

So I wrote it down. And I became an activist. And I'm working to educate myself. I found the origin of inspiration - the desire to benefit humanity with your work. To take all the work leading up to this, all the time and dedication and sacrifice from our predecessors and say thank you, I’m going to use what you gave me to try to make a life better for others.

I want to make things that hurting and disenfranchised people can find relatable, inspirational and funny. Right now we're overwhelmed by climate change, capitalist and patriarchal oppression, racial injustice, civil war and a real threat to our existence. This shit needs to be included in our stories. We need every reason to unify, defend one another and take back our power.