Collage of kids enjoying the winning of the world cup festivities in Argentina.

It quotes Sofi Martinez on a interview with Messi after Argentina vs Croatia match:
"No hay nene que no tenga tu remera que no sea la original, la trucha o una inventada imaginaria"
("There's no kid that hasn't got your original/fake or imaginary futbol t-shirt")

  • Michelle Mancini
  • Michelle Mancini
  • Date Taken:
    December 18, 2022
  • Country of Origin:
  • Camera:
    Canon Eos Rebel T3i
  • Lens:
    Nikkor 35mm
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Mia's not only a photographer doing her job.
She thinks out of the box.

She grew up holding a camera in her hands since her first baby steps in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She fell hardly in love with photography at a very young age and spent most of her time capturing her surroundings in special (and sometimes) very touching scenarios.
Mia not only knows the how's and when's to capture an emotion but what to do with it.
Her self-taught skills got her improving constantly in an emotive yet serious way.

So if you love getting involved with creative projects and honest feedback...

you're in the right place.

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