Looking for pain

The video clip, apart from the singer, features the young Bolognese actress Alessandra Nardella. The idea behind the video comes from the very atmosphere of the song, which is melancholy and focuses on feelings related to inner restlessness; the visual metaphor rests on both everyday places, an apartment but semi-bare and aseptic, and more anomalous, such as abandoned, ruined, gray and faded rooms, as if to recall a moment of inner chaos, during which this search ("looking for pain ") has no precise direction and is confusing. Perhaps, at the end of the video, the doubt will remain, not productive.

  • Federico Carro
  • Federico Carro
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    Music Video
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 46 seconds
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Director Biography

Born in La Spezia on 15 June 1991, Federico Carro grew up in Vernazza, surrounded by the radiant nature of those places, spending his time immersed in the landscape of the sea and the hills, drawing and painting landscapes, drawing inspiration for his subsequent works. In elementary school he knows what will become his childhood friend, with whom he will share laughter and good moments. Later he enrolled at the Artistic High School, where his artistic side emerged more and more, revealing his interest in the world of writing. Soon he wrote his first draft of his book "Il segreto del verziere". In the last part of the High School, her childhood friend was the victim of an accident, an event that changed the artist's course, pushing him to focus mainly on the world of music. On that incident he wrote a poem dedicated to her, which later became her first song. At the end of the school Federico starts taking lessons in singing, arranging, piano and composition, to which he begins to outline the project of his first musical album. Meanwhile, the interest in various musical artists such as Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, makes him grow more and more, thus characterizing him on the pop genre, Federico begins to imitate his idol Michael Jackson in the dance, taking lessons of Hip - Hop, thus performing in the surroundings of his country as his imitator. Expanding his interests from pop music to Blues and Jazz, to which he manages to create a small musical group, playing mainly pieces of Jazz, Blues and Bossa Nova as piano accompanist, Federico in continuing to work on the album, working parallel to writing his first novel "Il segreto del verziere". Soon his first song dedicated to his missing friend ends, titling her "Come un Lampo". Shortly after the group breaks up, Federico decides to take off the project of his album, through an independent recording studio in Carrara called: Nautilus Rec Studio. Thanks to the help of his sound engineer and other collaborators who support him, Federico manages to complete the album, titling "Come un lampo", where the album manages to create his first music video on the homonymous song dedicated to his childhood friend. At the same time manages to finish his book "Il segreto del Verziere" and other music videos such as "Lovely Storm" and "Replace my soul", also creating a promotional video of his first novel, using the views and mysterious places that frame in Vernazza. At the same time, from reading medieval stories and legends, he finds interesting glimpses of the city of Turin, studying its archaism and the mystery that surrounds it, inspired by his second novel, entitled "Il re della luce l'ordine degli dèi oscuri". Later Federico met Marco Stanzani, promoter of the likes of Lunapop, Renato zero, Pooh, Paola and Chiara, Modà, Loredana Berté and many other artists who launched him in the Italian charts, with his debut single: "Brucerei il fuoco per te" extracted from his first album “Come un lampo". The single is placed in 36 position in the rankings of independent Italian artists, in the ranking of emerging in 5th position and 2º for two weeks in the rankings in Absolut Beginners of Rockol among the most listened to radio artists in Italy. In the meantime the single was broadcast on hundreds of radio stations scattered throughout Italy, Federico decides to shoot for the book trailer of his second novel in Turin, where during filming, he is contacted by an international record company in New York. Bentley Records that, working with Sony, Universal music and Warner music companies, decided to promote their second unreleased album abroad. Then he gets the chance to present his first novel at the Turin international fair. In conjunction with the release of the second novel, Federico collaborates with Gianluca Sciortino and Tony Esposito for live concerts. While exhibiting his second novel in the various cities of Italy, Federico continues his second album in parallel, in which Bentley Records, gives him the opportunity to shoot a video clip in New York for his next single launch "Starlight". After the end of the above mentioned album, in summer the author launches the first single "Starlight" excerpt that gives the name to his second music CD and, subsequently, "looking for pain" in all the Italian radio stations and many regional TV stations, managing to end up with the latter on Vuemme TV. The single "Starlight" is able to place on the Italian and European charts, managing to finish under two positions from "Hello" by Adele and a position of "No hero" by Elisa to 76º position, 51º in the euro indie chart among the most listened to singles throughout Europe. Federico is invited to perform at the Teatro del Navile, founded by Lucio Dalla, winning a certificate of merit to the most original musical part. Then comes the third single "Rising flame" in conjunction with the second edition of his second book signed: "Sovera edizioni", presented below at the national book fair: "Più libri più liberi" in Rome. Then he finishes in the magazines of "Vip", "Visto" and "Classic Rock", in which with the video of "Rising flame", he becomes the soundtrack of the program: "Ora musica" and video of the week on "Vuemme". Later he was invited to Sanremo sol to present his latest album: "Starlight" for which the live music video of the "Starlight" piece is presented. Simultaneously with this event, Federico works in parallel with the sequel and the English translation of his second novel, thus creating his first book in English, translating his second novel entitled: “The king of light the order of the dark gods". To which he was invited to the Turin International Fair, presenting both his second novel in Italian and the one translated into English. Here he makes his third album taken from his first compositions, titling him: "The king of light", using it to promote his fantasy trilogy, which later comes out the sequel of his second novel, in fact his third book entitled: "Il re della luce l'esercito Leviatano". He soon created a further version of his third novel in English entitled "The king of light the Leviathan army", where he also simultaneously created his first film script in Italian of his second novel called: "il re della luce l'ordine degli dèi oscuri". Waiting to finish the other prefixed projects, Federico is contacted by a North Carolina publishing house callled: "wisdom house" to which interested in producing his second novel in the United States and Canada, working together in creating a new book in English intended to be promoted abroad. Meanwhile, new projects are revealed in the light, in which a new revision of the first novel: "Il segreto del verziere" is so warmly welcomed by a poet writer, as well as a journalist of RAI and university professor of the caliber of Renato Minore, agreeing to write the preface of the manuscript and, following the new volume, Federico will present it to the major publishing houses in Italy. From this project there is the English version, translated by the same author: "The Secret of the Orchard", where in a short time creates a new book trailer in Italian version translated later in English. In the meantime he knows the one who will make the cover of his first film script in English, in which he, working handcrafted to his projects, is none other than the same author of the covers of the film script by Tim Burton. A little later Federico finally realizes the film script in English taken from his second novel, entitled as the novel of the same name: "The king of light the order of the dark gods".

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