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I Was Here

A young woman struggles to make ends meet as she tries to keep her and her drug addicted sister afloat in the year following their mothers death.

  • Travis Darkow
    Elliot, Goodbye Tomorrow, Roadside, A Pursuit Most Putrid, REZZUREKT, Bad Blood, Deadcember, Elizabeth, Silence in the Aftermath, Snow Blind, Synapse, October Scout, The Denier - REEL 1: Fun in the Sun, The Denier - REEL 2: Show Stopper, The Denier - REEL 3: House Call, The Denier - REEL 4: Day at the Beach, The Denier - REEL 5: Yard Work, The Denier - REEL 6: Beddy Bye, Bunny Boy, The Shape of Evil, Maladroit, Servile(?), Jakob's Cove, How Did We Get Here? Caged, Voyeur, Severance, Retail Therapy
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    Short Script
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    Drama, Family, Arthouse, Indie
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    United States
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  • Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards
    Los Angeles, CA
    June 16, 2020
    Official Selection
Writer Biography - Travis Darkow

My name is Travis Darkow, I was born in Bremerton, Washington, where I currently live with my wife and our two dogs, Jax and Laika. I have had a passion for writing and creating since I was very young. I was always writing stories, usually about aliens or monsters, or making my own little comic books. As I got older I never stopped writing, all through school I took as many writing courses as I could and my passion only grew over the years. I enjoy all aspects of writing. I write poetry, I love writing and playing music, and have written fifty to a hundred original songs. I have about a dozen or so children's books that I have written as well. My greatest passion though is film. I absolutely fell in love with movies when I was a kid, and found that my absolute favorite thing in the world is writing and directing films. I've written, directed and edited around two dozen short films since the seventh grade, and in June 2019 I completed my first feature length horror/sci-fi film called Goodbye Tomorrow. I am currently writing and directing short and feature length original films, as well as developing an ever expanding list of original pilots and feature length screenplays that I have been hard at work writing. Crafting stories and creating whole new worlds that didn't exist before has always brought me much joy. It is truly my favorite thing in the world and I will never stop creating.

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Writer Statement

Horror and science fiction has been my passion for as much of my life as I remember. I recall watching the original House on Haunted Hill and Humanoids From the Deep with my grandpa when I was about 7 years old, and something clicked in my young brain at that point. A feeling that I had found something that spoke to me on a different level than anything else has ever done since. Creating horror, to me, is creating a terrifying environment where you can run around this disturbing playground, and by the end of it, feel relieved. Maybe relieved to just be done with the creepy visuals and sounds of a horror film. But also relief from releasing fears you have built up inside yourself, in a safe and engaging way. My favorite horror films are the ones that straddle the line between horror/science fiction, and psychological thriller or mystery. I love nothing more than leaving a theater, or sitting through the credits of a movie at home, and not being able to get what you just saw out of your head. Movies that make you think deeply about the world, and our relationships to the horrors and tragedies that occur here I find to be absolutely fascinating. These are the types of films I hope to craft as I continue my journey of writing and directing horror based films. I put a lot of thought and energy into crafting worlds full of foreshadowing and blink and you'll miss it details, and I strive to keep growing and pushing forward in my pursuit of my true passion. Horror is not my only pursuit though, as I never want to be stuck into any single genre. I just as much enjoy crafting thrillers, mysteries, dramas, anything that engages me and makes me feel something.