I Am Yours

In a quiet corner of Ukraine, Sofia and Mykyta lived an ordinary life, filled with laughter, love, and occasional arguments. They cherished each other and reveled in the simple pleasures of their carefree life. Their days were adorned with dreams and hopes for a future that seemed within reach.

Yet, destiny had a different path in store for them. On a fateful day, as the sun rose over the horizon, a storm of darkness descended upon their nation. The unthinkable happened - Russia launched an attack on their country. The tranquility they once knew shattered into a million fragments, and their lives would never be the same again.

The couple found themselves thrust into a maelstrom of chaos and uncertainty. The dreams they held so dearly slipped through their fingers like sand, leaving behind only echoes of what once was. The safety and security they once took for granted were replaced with fear and anguish. Their world, once vibrant with possibilities, turned into a battleground where survival became the sole objective.

In a world torn apart by violence, their story stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and the unwavering spirit of those who refuse to be defeated by the shadows of war.

  • Dmytro Koturanov
  • Dmytro Koturanov
  • Dmytro Koturanov
  • Arina Zhdanova
  • Dmytro Litvin
  • Dmytro Koturanov
  • Dmytro Koturanov
    Editing & Color Grading
  • Maxim Smak
  • Andrew Lee Farquhar
  • Nana Mir
  • Julia Kobzar
  • Olena Vasylieva
    Make-Up Artist
  • Victoria Kunpan
    Make-Up Artist
  • Ilya Husiev
    Text Editor
  • Dmytro Koturanov
    Text Editor
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
    Short, Other
  • Genres:
    Drama, War Drama, War, Romantic, Romance
  • Runtime:
    15 seconds
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Couch Film Festival
    Couch Film Festival Toronto
    June 23, 2023
    Award Winner
  • Upstate New York Film Festival 2023
    New York
    United States
    Official Selection
  • 300 Seconds Short Film Festival
    Official Selection
Director Biography - Dmytro Koturanov

Dmytro Koturanov is an accomplished Ukrainian cinematographer and director. He began his career in 2014, specializing in commercials and promos. Graduating from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, he possesses a strong foundation in his craft.

Throughout his journey, Dmytro has collaborated with notable figures in sports, music, and show business, capturing their essence through visually stunning work. In 2016, he co-launched the groundbreaking Ukrainian series "UNKNOWN" with Artem Pivovarov, exploring the realms of music and creativity.

Currently, Dmytro focuses on creating captivating short films, music videos, and commercials for various brands, companies, and start-up projects. With his remarkable talent and artistic vision, he seamlessly brings concepts to life, leaving a lasting impression.

Driven by his passion for storytelling, Dmytro continues to push boundaries, captivating audiences with his visual mastery. His dedication, unwavering work ethic, and unique perspective make him a true force in the world of cinematography and directing in Ukraine.

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Director Statement

In "I Am Yours", I set out to capture the raw reality experienced by ordinary people when their country was attacked by Russia. Through this film, I aim to expose the devastating consequences of unnecessary war, portraying how an entire world can crumble in an instant, forever altering the lives of those caught in its merciless grip.

With a deeply personal approach, I sought to depict the lives of Sofia and Mykyta, an ordinary couple whose existence was shattered on that fateful day. Theirs is a story of love and loss, of a tranquil life abruptly torn apart by the ravages of conflict. I wanted to convey a deep sense of confusion and fear as they faced the unthinkable, meeting the day war engulfed their nation when hope seemed unimaginable.

"I Am Yours" endeavors to be more than a film; it is an unflinching testimony to the human toll of war. Through vivid storytelling, authentic performances, and evocative visuals, I strive to bring audiences into the harrowing reality faced by countless individuals during such dark times. By immersing viewers in the couple's peaceful pre-war life, only to abruptly thrust them into the chaos of the conflict, I aim to engender a deep emotional connection that will resonate long after the film concludes.

My intention is to shed light on the experiences of real people, to illuminate the shattered dreams and fractured lives left in war's wake. Through the lens of Sofia and Mykyta's relationship, I hope to foster empathy and understanding, reminding audiences that the victims of war are not merely statistics, but individuals with dreams, hopes, and loved ones.

The story "I Am Yours" - gives its audience an opportunity to reflect on the pointlessness of war and its far-reaching consequences for the lives it affects. By showcasing the personal devastation wrought upon Sofia and Mykyta, we bear witness to the countless stories of loss and resilience that remain untold in the shadows of armed conflicts.

As a filmmaker, I feel a profound responsibility to bring these stories to light, to honor the experiences of those affected by war, and to provoke deep emotional responses. Through this film, I hope to ignite a dialogue about the true costs of war, encouraging viewers to question the motivations behind armed conflicts and to seek peaceful resolutions.

"I Am Yours" is a cinematic journey that captures the human experience at its most vulnerable, inviting audiences to confront the fragility of life and the tragic consequences of unnecessary conflict.

This movie is only 15 seconds long, and that's enough time to destroy innocent lives...