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In the year 2011, a group of passionate friends embarked on an extraordinary artistic journey, inspired by the global street art movement. They decided to create their own event in the charming neighborhood of Besançon, France. Driven by their desire to create, these young and starry-eyed individuals established what would become one of the most respected and enduring festivals in the field of urban art - Bien Urbain.

"Juste Ici et Pas Ailleurs" is a captivating documentary that delves into the profound impact of the Bien Urbain festival over the course of ten years. The film examines the festival's evolution through a wide-ranging exploration of its inherently local roots, and how these grassroots efforts have influenced the global urban art landscape. Drawing from an array of archives, numerous insightful interviews, and previously unreleased footage, the documentary transcends mere chronicles of an event and delves into the very essence of art in the public space.

Unfiltered and honest, "Juste Ici et Pas Ailleurs" portrays both the festival's failures and triumphs, unveiling the struggles and changes that have shaped its unique identity. As the documentary unfolds, audiences witness the profound transformation of Bien Urbain, revealing how it has remained distinctively different while staying true to its original spirit.

The film embarks on a compelling journey, tracing every twist and turn that Bien Urbain has taken, while questioning the motives behind its inception and the far-reaching consequences of its existence. In true MZM PROJECTS style, the duo uses an experimental approach that pushes the boundaries of traditional art documentaries. The cinematography, music, and editing dynamically mirror the festival's metamorphosis, adding an artistic layer to the storytelling.

"Juste Ici et Pas Ailleurs" is an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience that not only celebrates the remarkable journey of Bien Urbain but also raises profound questions about the transformative power of art in shaping the identity of a city. Through its lens, viewers gain a deeper understanding of what truly makes a city a good city and how a collective passion for creation can leave an indelible mark on the urban landscape.

  • Kristina Borhes
    "Imaginary City", "Wasteland Wanderers"
  • Kristina Borhes
  • Juste ICI
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Juste Ici et Pas Ailleurs
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Experimental
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 20 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 1, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    English, French, Spanish
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - Kristina Borhes

Kristina Borhes is a director, writer, and independent researcher, born 1986 in Ukraine. With a master's degree in political science and a profound interest in art, she followed a journey that fused the two disciplines. Early in her career, Kristina channeled her passion for art as a catalyst for social change while developing educational youth projects within the field of civic activism.

As a filmmaker, Kristina has been part of several commercial projects, but her true devotion lies in her independent practice, where she creates thought-provoking works that challenge the boundaries of storytelling. In 2015, together with a partner, she co-founded MZM PROJECTS, a collective of independent video artists focused on the documentation of creative practices within urban environments.

Kristina's filmmaking approach is known for its experimental nature and genre-blending techniques. She has gained recognition for her short documentaries, which offer a deeper perspective on "urban art" beyond the usual fast-paced street art films. Rejecting the hasty trends of internet consumption, Kristina and her team adopt a deliberate, thoughtful approach to their films, carefully weaving images and text to reveal hidden meanings and provoke contemplation in their audiences.

Her debut short documentary, "Inside the Black Circle," premiered in 2015 and explored the world of D.I.Y. post-graffiti festivals in Ukraine. Among her most celebrated short films are "Imaginary City," a captivating visual essay on the Norwegian Nuart Festival, "Tales of Silver City," a speculative fiction anthology, and "WASTELAND WANDERERS" dilogy, a poetic look at the borderline between creation and destruction.

Amidst Russia's war against Ukraine, she sought refuge in France, where she had the opportunity to complete her first full-length documentary, "Juste Ici et Pas Ailleurs".

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Director Statement

We've never had so many obstacles while working on the movie. But we found refuge in it. This is a piece that talks about so many things that are important for us on a personal level.
It changed me. It liberated me.
Undoubtedly one of our most challenging undertakings, yet also the most rewarding one.