Goodbye Blue Sky

"Goodbye Blue Sky" is the tragic tale of the first American's to arrive at a German rocket factory in the weeks following the fall of the Third Reich. Nothing these battle hardened soldiers experienced during the war would have prepared them for the horrors that await them at this factory. The events that took place during the United States first ever black operation would forever change the course of history and time as we know it.

  • Jesse McElroy
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    Thriller, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Jesse McElroy

Born in Cincinnati in 1996, Jesse McElroy grew up with a love for cinema. From an early age he started writing drafts of short films when in middle school. He attended Cincinnati State College for a degree in film before dropping out to pursue further interests in screenwriting. With many full length features under his belt now he looks to get his highlight story "Goodbye Blue Sky" into production.

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Writer Statement

I got into the film industry not for the money or fame but for my obsession and love for the cinema. I write stories that make you think far outside the box. In my opinion the best films are always the ones you never see the twists or ending coming. When you read my work act three will have you second guessing everything you've seen up to that point. Right when you think you've figured it out I throw a curve ball in from left field that ties everything together giving the audience a sense of bewilderment followed by a moment of clarity as everything begins to make sense. My projects fall under multiple genres but my area of expertise is historical war dramas, science fiction and romantic comedies.