Fright Games

Set in the year 2044, Five years after the dissolution of an Undead Pandemic, Billionaire Tycoon Nate Parker is falsely imprisoned for the murder of his wife. He and nine other participants have the chance of freedom if they survive five tasks. Fast paced with a number of twists and turns along the way, Fright Games is a Horror Thriller cross between SQUID GAMES, THE RUNNING MAN, and THE WALKING DEAD.

  • Steven Paul McCarthy
  • Project Type:
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
    Chennai, India
    October 20, 2023
    Best Feature Screenplay
  • Bharatha Desam International Film Festival

    November 25, 2023
    Best Feature Screenplay
Writer Biography - Steven Paul McCarthy

Steven Paul McCarthy is a trained Actor and Screenplay writer, who has had outstanding reviews performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in the critically acclaimed 'Iniquity Camwedd'. He has also taken leading roles in short films such as Maleficium and Gruesome Tales: Blood moon.
A writer, who has completed his first full length Feature Screenplay 'Fright Games'.
Plans for a Sequel are in place after the completion of the Prequel 'The Sullied', which is already underway.

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Writer Statement

I am pleased to have completed my first full length Feature Screenplay, 'Fright Games'.
The Survival/Horror Genre at this present time is extremely popular, with Productions like Squid Games and The Walking Dead. Fright Games falls perfectly into this category, with tension, twists, horror, and plenty of fear for an audience to enjoy.