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An elderly couple goes for fertility treatments with surprising results.

  • Elizabeth Lewis
    Fishing for Love
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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    Dark Comedy
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  • Rhode Island International Film Festival

    Semi Finalist
  • Just 4 Shorts Hollywood Screenplay

Writer Biography - Elizabeth Lewis

Born and raised in Montreal, Elizabeth studied fine arts and obtained a BA in English Literature from McGill University. She also studied fine art in Paris, France. Her first animated film was based on the poem A Kite is a Victim by Leonard Cohen and was produced by the National Film Board of Canada. She later moved to Toronto where she raised her family and worked in commercial animation studios including Walt Disney Animation Canada and the NFB. In addition, she has produced award winning animated films . Later, she taught First Nations and the Inuit in the Arctic and other remote northern Canadian communities . Currently retired from teaching, Elizabeth lives with her husband in cottage country north of Toronto and has returned to painting, animating and writing.

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Writer Statement

My stories are slice of life and based on mostly real people and situations. One of my influences is William Somerset Maughm. I am writing for an older audience, baby boomers. This demographic seems to be under represented in our culture. There are details in my story which, I believe, many of my generation can relate to.