Father, Hold Me

FATHER, HOLD ME (Rose Wagon song)
Words & Music by Brenda Jo Reutebuch, 2021©

V1: I’m sinking in the mud. My heart is torn in two.
How can I live? How can I fly away?
I’ve nowhere else to turn. I cannot run and hide.
I’m on my knees and cryin’ out to You.

CH1: Crying, “Hold me and take away this pain.”
I cannot feel. When will I smile again.
I am raw, Lord. I’m holding out my hand.
Please tell me how this fits into Your plan.

V2: I’m lost and all alone. The tears stream down my face.
The pain is real. When will this feeling end?
I don’t see there’s an end. How long can I go on?
My strength is gone. How can I carry on?

CH2: Father, hold me and never let me go.
For in Your arms I’m never on my own.
Without You, Lord, I wouldn’t stand a chance.
But by Your grace, I finally understand.

Instrumental Bridge:

CH3: Because of You, Lord, I’ll never be alone.
It doesn’t mean the hurt will all be gone.
But ‘cause of Your love, I know the day will come
My sorrow’s gone. My heart will beat again.

Tag: Because of You, Lord, I’ll never be alone.

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