Experiencing Interruptions?

"Faites Vos Jeux"

A man lives doubts and perplexities for 6 days. Love grips him. Which woman to choose? Which life?
How to remedy the mistakes made? What will be the right decision to make?
A short movie to watch until the last revelatory second.

  • Leonardo Dooderman
  • Leonardo Dooderman
  • Leonardo Dooderman
  • Luca Morgan
  • Alberto La Torrre
    Key Cast
  • Alessandra Diodoro
    Key Cast
  • Paola Ciattoni
    Key Cast
  • Eugenia Nobilio
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    17 minutes 20 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 10, 2022
  • Production Budget:
    9,700 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Leonardo Dooderman

Leonardo Dooderman was born in Italy in November 17, 1977.

As an illustrator, he collaborates with several European and American literary reviews and newspapers (New York Review of Books, Edison Square, Retrospective and others).

His works are exhibited in numerous national and international expositions and also in private collections all around the world (Dorotheum Auction House, Wien - collectors from New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Baku, Bologna, Milan, Rome, Florence, Pescara, Delft, Amsterdam, Paris).
Leonardo Dooderman is also portraitist (pencil, pen, hand made),

a photographer ("LeavItaly project", an involved, elegant critique of his country of origin, Italy, through the looks of women.),

a writer ("Illustraphorisms" that includes aphorisms, short tales, dialogues and illustrations),

a communication consultant (marketing/advertising campaign, copywriting, events communication as theatral shows, art exhibitions, and political elections) bringing his own approach and his skills available for clients) and

a filmmaker (video clips for bands, and short films. "La Fiorista (The Florist)", "Proof of Love", “Il Primo giorno (The First Day)”, "Faites Vos Jeux").

About his approach in illustration (the starting point for being a director):

"Ironic and melancholically steeped in subtle understated irony, Leonardo Dooderman’s approach makes use of a powerfully expressive language, based on the perfect compromise between poeticalness and communicative immediacy. In the artist’s works the fulfilled attainment of a whole thematic and formal awareness is perceived, while subjectively and mercilessly depicting the present-day society.

The choice of the subjects reveals a specific critical will, which investigates predominantly some of the most miserably endemic aspects of the urban social lifestyle.

The individual is observed while merging with the crowd, at the mercy of a pathological sense of dismay.

The values which are firmly rooted in the Western cultural background seem to flake unavoidably.

Work, feelings, education and ambition prove to be just empty boxes with which the contemporary Human Being surrounds himself and onto which he habitually projects only false meanings. The situations described, outwardly illustrating habitual actions, in the author’s perspective are transformed into dreamlike surreal scenarios. It is the Clerk’s subconscious that is exposed through its faults and neuroses.

Unaware victim and uninhibited torturer, the clerk-common man finally rises up as the modern anti-hero, symbol and icon, absolute representative of a social category nearing to reach its saturation point.

Dooderman’s characters have neither ears, nor eyes, sometimes they wear glasses which substitute those clear visions that cannot be fully understood, due to a modern living abused by the everyday nature.

By facing an ineluctable somatization of the Doubt, Dooderman’s characters will stubbornly undertake a personal enhancement sprinkled with common places and revised values, as for instance, - Unity is Strength … a strength that will not strengthen the individual – or – We learn by our mistakes … how to make less glaring mistakes – or – the doubt, the unchanged original impulse, will be the ultimate result of this enhancement.

Leonardo Dooderman expresses versatility and command of several expressive means. Immediate, minimal, mainly two-dimensional works of art, he chooses only BWG (Black, White, Grey) or softened delicate colourings, in a unique and unmistakable style".

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Director Statement

"Illustration is the starting point for being a director". L.D.

"Cinema contains all the arts. To be a director you have to get to know each of them. Just one life will not be enough, I know how difficult it is, but I work hard every day to make it happen".

"Don't simulate Reality by making films, try to rapresent reality as if it were a film" L.D.