A limited series about a woman’s journey from promise ring to radical sex positivity through AA recovery and fantasy erotica while living in her childhood home in the bible belt.

There’s a wild cultural transformation that’s forced on women the moment they get married in the South: they supposedly go from never having had sex, to wanting it everyday. Obviously, this is not how sexuality works. FORKED explores recovering from a puritanical sex education and messily transforming into a sensual, satisfied human.

Gerk likes her job narrating graphic sex scenes for fantasy erotica. But, she has no sex drive, or understanding of her sexuality. While she’s visiting her childhood home to help care for her Dad (living long distance from her husband in NYC) she’s recording erotic books in her childhood closet and attended AA meetings in a small conservative town in Missouri.
Gerk is struggling after quitting alcohol to come to terms with her (bad) relationship to sex. She is happily married, but is realizing she’s never had to (or gotten to) explore what genuinely turns her on after living in a deeply conservative and sex-shame heavy religious culture. Luckily she meets: a new/old friend Kylie, a trans woman that Gerk went to school with but now, is meeting for the first time; Linda and Becca a Black woman and her granddaughter who go to the same church as her parents; and May, a grumpy middle aged sober woman who bullies her into some self discovery. These women live authentically and without apologies and inspire Gerk to create familial boundaries, accept her sexuality, and move on.
The series ends with a bridal shower, honest female masturbation, divorce, and a disastrous church service that leaves the town struck dumb.

  • Sarah Goeke
    "Reunion 85" - Zach Theatre 2022
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    United States
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  • Tokyo International Short Film Festival
    Tokyo, Japan
    August 1, 2021
    Best Script
  • Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival
    Toronto, ON
    September 24, 2021
    Best Script
  • New York City International Screenplay Awards
    September 13, 2021
    Official Selection
Writer Biography - Sarah Goeke

New to writing Goeke has worked as an actor based out of NYC. She's been seen on John Oliver Last Week Tonight, as the ShipGo spokesperson, and many other improv based commercial sets. She's also performed in a few new plays and a national Broadway tour. Recently she's signed on as a writer and collaborator with "Creative Endeavors" based out of NYC and is editing a new work for next year.

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Writer Statement

When I speak with my friends who are women I find that a lot of the conversations blossom when one of us shares something we thought no one else felt. Something we were ashamed of but couldn't hang on to anymore.
I want to write these stories so women don't feel shame associated with things that we all experience. The more we talk about desire, depression, money, or addiction the less shame we'll feel and the more space we'll be allowed to take up in our own lives.