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A disillusioned father and his teenage daughter grapple with
the consequences of having their memories erased and replaced with fake ones, a process called "forging," in an unsuccessful attempt to heal long-standing dysfunctional family dynamics.

Shortly after he beats his wife nearly to death, Dan Foster’s life sentence is commuted on one condition: he must agree to undergo a secret, experimental procedure known as forging.
Dan’s old, traumatic memories are erased and new ones are implanted in order to keep him from acting out violent tendencies ever again.
He’s sent home where he spends the next 6 years in relative peace with his wife and two daughters – until one day, when he snaps and almost kills his 16-year-old daughter Amy.

Or does he?

Dan and Amy find themselves on parallel paths to uncover the truth in a world where no one seems to share the same version of events. And in the process, they try to rediscover themselves—and one another.

  • Amy Hutchins
  • Christiane Erwin
    Short Story Author
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Amy Hutchins, Christiane Erwin

Having grown up in North Texas where my choices in life included playing women's sports or going to church, I obviously sided with Satan and got out of there to pursue film school at UT. Since then I've worked in broadcast news, tv/film production and lately as Producer in gaming.

Dramatic thrillers and true-ish Southern Gothic tales capture my heart and have re-inspired me to write again toward a bigger goal and purpose.

In addition to FORGERY, I am adapting another one of Christiane Erwin's YA Horror works titled JUDE'S DIARY into a mini-series. Current other projects include a dramatic thriller called HALLWAYS.

Christiane Erwin spent more than 20 years in software design after receiving her Bachelor's in English Literature with a minor in film from the University of Texas. She went on to get her Master's from St. Edward's University where she studied Creative Writing and received the Presidential Award for Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. JUDE'S DIARY is her first novel. When she's not writing, you can find her rock climbing, e-foiling, wakeskating, hosting writer's retreats in Pensacola, or hanging out with her husband, four genius children, and three adorable fur babies in Austin, Texas.

She's currently working on a sequel to JUDE'S DIARY as well as thriller AVIARY GIRLS, both part of the LOST KEY BOOK CLUB collection.

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Writer Statement

This short story was written during the front part of COVID by my novelist writing partner Christiane Erwin. I read it and immediately wanted to turn it into something much more. We've put together a 6 episode pitch deck, are toying with an indie podcast version, and would love to pursue the development of this project as it's a timely and desired fit in the huge genre of dystopian tales of universal moral dilemma! - Amy Hutchins