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Falling In Love With Love

Bart McClelland has a good life; he’s got a Medicare card and the latest in collapsible posture canes.

And Glynnis, his longtime friend-without-benefits, may at last be paying attention to him!

Can he finally persuade her that he owns a pair of testicles?

  • Jeffrey Massie
    Tabula Rasa, Equity, Eighty-Eight Frequencies, By The Time I Got To Woodstock, Falling In Love With Love
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    Dramedy, Sixty-Somethings, RomCom, Sex Comedy, Feature Length, Sad Farce
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Jeffrey Massie

I attended New York University's Institute of Film and Television in the 1970s, where I studied under Haig Manoogian, who mentored Martin Scorsese and produced his first feature.

My parents were animators who met on the picket line at Disney Studios in 1941, and I spent almost thirty-five years in the labor movement as an officer of the Animation Guild Local 839 IATSE. About fifteen years ago I started taking classes with Joe Bratcher and the late Judy Farrell at the Twin Bridges Screenwriting Salon.

Since my retirement from the Guild in 2013, my screenwriting has become a full-time occupation, if not (yet) a living.

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Writer Statement

In February 2021, about a month after the Capitol insurrection, I received my first COVID-19 vaccination (funky cold Moderna). As I passed that milestone, I began to see a flicker of hope for the future at the end of the long dark tunnel that we’d all found ourselves in since the previous March.

Along about that time, after several months of difficult, confusing and depressing phone conversations, my longtime female companion and I reached a final parting of the ways in our relationship. As I’ve done in the past, I turned to writing to work my way through my feelings about her and the effect these events were having on my life.

It’s been my observation that autobiographical movies can be notoriously difficult to pull off, but they can be quite successful when they’re pulled off. In my script, Bart McClelland is maybe eighty-five to ninety percent Jeffrey Massie, whereas unlike Glynnis Snopes the woman on whom she is based almost certainly is not an alcoholic. Others are from bits of the stories of people I’ve met at twelve-step meetings or IRL.

Since 1997 I have participated in classes and table reads presided over by Joe Bratcher and the late Judy Farrell at the Twin Bridges Screenwriting Salon. I’ve wanted to be a screenwriter for most of my life, and in the last twenty-five years at Twin Bridges I’ve penned five scripts of which I’m very proud.

Now I once again find myself switching my writing from Apple Pages or Microsoft Word to Final Draft. I’ve made an effort to relate stories from those of my generation who have faced their mortality while living in our brave new world. The result is the story of my life and loves, a screenplay of which I can be proud, and which I now offer to you: Falling In Love With Love.

Jeff Massie