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EXILE CITY PILOT - Blood, Bonds & Brotherhood

Game of Thrones meets John Adams in the decadent South—where lawmen battle outlaws; privateers and smugglers vie for control of the chaotic streets; slaves fight for their freedom; and a voodoo queen knows all of their nefarious secrets and inner-fears in this early-1800s tale of revenge, redemption and the birth of an extraordinary American city: New Orleans.

  • Stephen Montagne
    PRODUCED STAGE PLAY: The Zeitgeist Chronicles
  • Nick Gomez
    ACTING ROLES: Bosch, Red Road, The Walking Dead, Nashville, Dexter Loopers, Treme, New Orleans: Port of Call
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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • ScreenCraft Pilot Competition
Writer Biography - Stephen Montagne, Nick Gomez

Nick Gomez is an actor/writer. Stephen Montagne is a writer/actor. Together, they've created a television show about their favorite American city: New Orleans, where they met and lived -- post-Katrina. Nick worked on many film and television projects, as an actor, in New Orleans and Stephen produced and acted in a stage play about the 2008 election of the first African American president. They both currently live and work on creating television and film projects, both together and separately, in Los Angeles. And they have some stories to tell.

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Writer Statement

This history-based, hour-long drama series — seasoned with comedy and gothic horror — follows the political squabbles, family tragedies and tribal conflicts surrounding the trailblazers of New Orleans.

Exile City chronicles the ups-and-downs of its first governor, WILLIAM “Billy” C.C. CLAIBORNE, as he attempts to win over the hearts and minds of the original inhabitants of New Orleans, while he also battles America’s original gangster: JEAN LAFITTE.

The B-side of this origin story involves the intriguing saga of LUCKY DU CONGO and MARIE LAVEAU THE FIRST (MARIE I), two Free People of Color and the complicated relationship with their own people.

By utilizing a multi-layered story structure, Exile City tells the tale of:

The exile of former Vice President AARON BURR and the infamous “Burr Conspiracy”,

The double life of the original military leader, GENERAL JAMES WILKINSON (who was a spy for the Spanish crown),

The entire saga of the War of 1812, and the triumph of ANDREW JACKSON,

Legendary “privateer” Jean Lafitte’s unpredictable heroism during the Battle of New Orleans...

… for the first time on episodic television!

Exile City most resembles renowned history-based dramas DEADWOOD, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, JOHN ADAMS and ROME with a storyline that harkens to Martin Scorsese’s classic tale of revenge and the origins of an urban American landscape: GANGS OF NEW YORK. Much like these HBO epic episodics, the world in which our characters inhabit is the chaotic, dirty, crime-infested backstreets of an early-American city.

Exile City explores the French Quarter of New Orleans, where slaves are bought and sold, nefarious plots are hatched and you either learn quick or die. The tone and style of the series is a gumbo of: gritty realism, mysticism, folksy southern humor, with a touch of gothic horror.

Welcome to EXILE CITY!

(For narrative purposes, liberties will be taken with historical figures, timelines, dates and events. Therefore, historical inaccuracies will occur. )