Drums of Freedom

A dark-skinned drummer boy from a third-world country becomes a skilled military leader, in order to save his indigenous mother (and Country) from foreign attackers seeking enslavement while using GOLD as political façade.


This is a story inspired by true events (1856).

Using “Manifest Destiny” as a doctrine, a U.S. Citizen and famous “Filibuster” named William Walker, becomes President of Nicaragua (with U.S. annexation plans in mind), then later attacks neighboring Costa Rica, as the “San Juan“ River between both countries controls the fastest route to and from San Francisco´s “gold rush”, connecting East and West coasts of the U.S.

Trained by Napoleon III´s top Colonel, using Napoleonic drum commands and other French-backed Military techniques, Juan Santamaría, pushes for the highest rank of “Tambour-Major”. Exceptional battle communication effectiveness was driven by Santamaría´s drum and the strong relationship with his Generals. The events surrounding William Walker´s overseas Filibustering expeditions, ultimately aggravated the division between the U.S.´s North and South, right before the U.S.´s civil war.


I dare anyone to PROPERLY research and contradict all the facts in this story. I am proud of sharing this legendary Costa Rican tale with the rest of the world.

The only rhythm is forward!

  • Gabriel Mora Rodriguez
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    Screenplay, Treatment
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    Costa Rica
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Writer Biography - Gabriel Mora Rodriguez

A literary enthusiast who started off by writing and reciting poetry during his high-school years, Gabriel Mora Rodriguez later moved into writing, editing and surely improving U.S. Army Field Manuals (or "FMs") during his college years, for the Intelligence Community at a University in Utah.

His reading and writing of words that carry readers into other lands, times and/or fantasies, secured his winning of the Brazilian Embassy´s Celpe-BRAS scholarship award, by captivating all the teachers of the CEB institute of Portuguese language, with stories that took them all back to their own motherland, all while mastering a new language with an excellence that deserved special mention by Brazil´s education authorities.

After getting very bored with the writing of SOPs, or handling the Project Management of Content Creation teams, or groups of writers that filled hundreds of websites for Fortune 500/Silicon Valley companies (where he can´t claim rights for his professional work), he now returns to the world of freelance writing, yet in a new field, where he does not have any Film-School expertise, where he does not care for Costa Rican critics or mediocre Costa Rican historians that only look for national credit (in other words, those who are too afraid of international criticism, or that don´t perform unbiased research of historical facts before writing them) or have never finished a screenplay themselves, and where the only related experience he has to the film industry, is going to movie-theaters, while enjoying the expensive popcorn and hotdogs, just like you, the movie-goer! Proudly!

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Writer Statement

I am a Military Science graduate, I love writing, I love skateboarding and I love martial arts. These are examples of things I like, that are all about "never giving up and trying again and again, until mastering".

Needless to say; I can do more with a fountain pen than the average Joe. Watch out, make way, here I come!