Deviant Art - Capturing Dystopia

One year ago i begun to visualize a project that would portray in a symbolic manner, the ''new world order'', and how it affects many aspects of our lives and our communication.
The connection with masks was purely symbolic at first, as Covid-19 existed only outside the bubble of safety of the majority, and seemed as something distant, concerning only those poor ( and often comical to us) people of China. Those that are not ''like us western people'', that accept without complaint getting squashed at the subway, shops and factories, so that we can consume countless PRC goods.
I bought some cold war masks, of polish origin (filter contains asbestos, for any daring of you that might want to do something similar without being informed first), and i set a dystopic environment.
Project was complete well before the beginning of the first quarantine in Greece, and to my distain and not pride i realize how ahead of its time it was.
It is my personal way to ''exorcise'' anything sad or bad that happened to me or/and all of you during 2020, even if it was not intended as such at first.
I am not the rebel without a cause type of guy, even when i have a cause. I strongly believe that, in these ''dystopic'' times, best one can do is to feel and to think ( not necessarily in that order).
Don't be afraid. Dark and deviant aesthetics is just a mean to leave back anything dark or bad, in an ''eye for an eye'' fashion. And then catharsis follows.

  • Dimitris Chronis Animus Mentis Productions
  • Date Taken:
    December 9, 2020
  • Country of Origin:
  • Camera:
    Fuji Xt 2
  • Lens:
    Contax Zeiss Lenses
  • Student Project: