Dark Secret

In this photo, the portrait simply reveals the art form of photography. The body paint art creates a different mood and dramatic environment in this photograph. A portrait can tell us about emotions of a person. Portraits can show us what a person looks like, but they can capture and reveal the idea of a person or they stand for. Dark is more exciting and more dramatic that forms a new experience and mood. And art is the secret of light and darkness. This photo “Dark Secret” is all about a simple portrait that creates a art form.

  • Soura Nath
  • Shreya Bhattacharyya
  • Somnath Biswas
    Makeup Artist
  • Date Taken:
    September 15, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
  • Camera:
    Nikon D3400
  • Lens:
  • Focal Length:
  • Shutter Speed:
  • Aperture:
  • ISO / Film:
  • Student Project:
  • Expression Photography Awards 2021
    Winner in Fashion and Portrait Genre.
  • WPE AWARDS 2022

    Bronze Badge
  • 35 Awards 2022
    Top 100 best photos in nomination in fashion and glamour.
  • WPE Awards 2020

    Silver Badge
Artist Biography

Born in Kolkata, India in 2002, Soura Nath is an Indian fashion and fine art photographer, known for his dramatic style of photography. His works has featured internationally in magazines such as Vogue Italia, WePhoto, Frames Magazine, Fine Eye Magazine, Artells Mgazine, Selin Magazine, Integrity Magazine, Better Photography Magazine, Asian Photography Magazine. His works has been recognized by several national and international photography communities.

When Soura studied about art, he wanted to do it in his own creative style. He experimented with a variety of ideas to improvise himself. He is specialized into dramatically play with lights and shadows to create a distinctly artistic frame. India's some of the most celebrated fashion and fine art photographers Prabuddha Dasgupta, Rafique Sayed, Jayesh Sheth, Tarun Khiwal are his biggest inspiration.

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