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Crime Factory

When you have nothing to lose, you are selfless, but when you have something to lose, you are selfish. Since the beginning of time, the three things that man feared losing, and which in turn have given birth to conflicts, wars, deceit and crimes, are power, money and woman. The same philosophy and practice come true in the lives of a group of 5 abandoned boys Sallu, Ajjal, Bikroo, Pappu and Bulbul who are brought up in a slum referred to as "Crime Factory", because of the number of criminals the slum bred. The easiest path for them to survive was the path of crime; starting from peddling weed to extortion, money laundering and murder. Everything was smooth sailing until a prostitute Tulja enters their lives and an illegal money deal involving the influential gangster Jahangir Khan and the corrupt cop Ganpat Rao, goes wrong. Changed perspectives lead to strained relationships, which further lead to conspiracies and chaos. Will the five survive it or will it bury them for ever?
The film was tentatively titled "The Wild Cards" during the pre and post production stages and was used as the working title.

  • K K Binojee
  • K K Binojee
    Ice Cream1 and 2, Paisa, Login, Ghayam 2, Current
  • Munaf Baluch, Sanjog Singh
  • Akkash Basnet
    Key Cast
    "Sallu Panja"
    Mumbai Meri Jaan, Bamboo, Sona Spa, Login
  • Vikram Singh Soda
    Key Cast
    "Ajjal Panja"
    Plays, TV Shows & AD Films
  • Sushil Pandey
    Key Cast
    "Jahangir Khan"
    Article 15, Jolly LLb 1&2, Mirzapur
  • Meenakshi Pandey
    Key Cast
    "Tulja Bhavani"
    Plays and TV Shows
  • Maya Gehlot
    Key Cast
    Plays & TV Shows
  • Ashish Warang
    Key Cast
    "Ganpat Rao"
    Simba, Plays, TV Shows, AD films
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Thriller, Drama
  • Runtime:
    2 hours 7 minutes 52 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 1, 2020
  • Production Budget:
    40,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2020
    Best Debut Director
  • Tagore International Film Festival 2020
    Best Feature Film
  • 10th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2020
    Official Selection
Director Biography - K K Binojee

The Writer Director of Crime Factory, KK Binojee, or Jack as he is commonly called by close friends has been a Screenplay and Dialogue Writer in the Telugu Film Industry for over 15 years, having worked with renowned Directors like Ram Gopal Varma and Krishna Vamsi. KK Binojee has written the screenplay and dialogues for over 20 feature films and over 200 Episodes for Television. He also excels in penning lyrics in Hindi. The lyrics of all the songs of his previous Hindi feature film Login which released in 2012, were penned by him. KK was born in a Malayalam speaking family and raised in Hyderabad, where his father, a central Government employee was posted. KK Binojee has been on stage right from the age of 3 and has always been passionate about Acting. He completed his MA and M.Phil in Hindi Literature from Osmania University and is a gold medallist. He started his professional career as a Lecturer in Hindi on adhoc basis in Osmania University and then took up a permanent job as an Officer in Allahabad Bank, after going through the All India BSRB recruitment process. But Theatre, Acting and Writing were where his heart was. He quit the Government job and started off with writing for Television and then slowly graduated to feature films. Crime Factory with the tagline a criminal production unit, is his first feature film as a Director. The story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics of Crime Factory are written by KK himself.
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Director Statement

This feature film with a run time of 2 hours and 7 minutes is shot in real slums braving all kinds of odds and dangers to add utmost authenticity, realism and rusticity to the look and feel of the film. There are 39 locations that the film was shot in, with 18 actors who play pivotal roles. Taking into consideration that this feature film had all the constraints of a low budget indie film but the challenges of a very big budget feature film, it was imperative that we all give much more than what we as filmmakers and professionals are normally used to. For most of our friends from the film fraternity, it was an impossible task that I had set for myself. They weren't discouraging me, but were concerned for me. But I was determined to go all out and achieve that which was deemed impossible. It took us 26 days and nights to shoot the film and needless to say, we just about managed to get enough sleep and rest to complete it. A total number of 60 scenes with 4 songs in the tight time frame meant we had to shoot at least 3 scenes in 24 hours. Undoubtedly the planning and execution could not be left to chance and every bit had to be meticulously followed, which we successfully and proudly did, as a team.