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Cosmic Critters

“The Secret Life of Pets” meets “Star Trek”. An geeky, adventurous young tortoise and her all animal crew blast off from NASA to save the galaxy in this animated musical television series. A YA anime series (12+)

  • Crystal Skillman
    Adventure Time, Marvel, Eat Fighter (Web Toon)
  • Bobby Cronin
    Mary and Max the Musical (based on Adam Elliot's film)
  • Crystal Skillman & Bobby Cronin
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    Short Script, Television Script, Treatment
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    United States
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  • Stage 32 Requested Submission
Writer Biography - Crystal Skillman

Crystal Skillman is an award winning playwright who has written for Marvel and Adventure Time comics. She is the co-creator of the original comic book series Eat Fighter (WebToon Studios). Bobby Cronin is an award-winning composer who has scored numerous films. As a writing team, Skillman and Cronin’s work is currently featured on the Broadway Podcast Network in the popular audio drama series King Kirby about the life of comic book artist Jack Kirby. They are the writers of Mary and Max the musical, based on the animated film by Adam Elliot, just optioned by Broadway producers. Their work has often been described as a “children’s show for adults” or “Pixar-like”.

As a writing team we are both animal lovers and activists. Composer Bobby Cronin has worked as a veterinarian assistant, and writer Crystal Skillman has helped assist animal rescue groups. With Cosmic Critters we began to explore writing a musical animated show that asks what kind of animal aliens might be out there waiting for us? Can humans appreciate animalkind in a new way? How can we explore this new frontier but also find a solution for saving our own planet? And what can happen when our earth critters meet up with some extraordinary extraterrestrials?

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Writer Statement

Why is your cat pawing at your heels in the middle of the night?
Why is that monkey at the zoo mimicking your expression?
Why is your neighbor’s dog barking at the swaying trees at one in the morning?!

Who doesn’t wonder what goes through the mind of animals?

And what if they dream of going to the stars?

Right now throughout the world, all ages are dreaming of finding new homes to live in beyond earth - from NASA, to billionaires, to William Shatner himself blasting off into the “new frontier”. But what if those dreaming about exploring the “big sky” aren’t just humans?

What if there is a whole world at work that animalkind has created … a world unknown to humans … that doesn’t just affect our life here on on Earth… but among the stars? What if these critters are the hope for all animalkind? And what if the fate of all creatures depended on a geeky, young tortoise named Tina?

After being captured by NASA to be used to test their new space program, Tina discovers that the animal kingdom is already at work on trying to reach extraterrestrial critters who they believe have the keys to finding a new, habitable planet.

Each episode finds Tina torn between her mission to find a new home for animalkind, and the missions in space she and the Critters pursue trying to make peace between all the different animal aliens … and one particular one bent on vengeance ... who happens to be another twelve year old!

Tina’s best friend is Alan. He is the voice of logic who challenges her command, but is also her greatest confident.

On their intergalactic adventures, Tina and her friends are tasked with missions that mirror the question of family, home, competition, and pursuit of power that she faced on earth, but now she is a captain, and she must get her friends to work together as a crew.

The extraterrestrials Tina meets both guide her yet pose as obstacles to the crew and their mission. All the while, human kind is racing forward to colonize new planets as quickly as possible. And, true to today, we’re in a whole new kind of space race… only this one finds extraterrestrials are a huge part of the puzzle of our earth animals finding a new home… if our critters can ever get there!