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Charlotte Sometimes

After losing her mother, a vexed 9 y.o. girl discovers a dream machine hidden in her deaf father's workshop, but an unexpected friendship with a quirky boy becomes the real cure to her loneliness.

  • Cate Carson
    Lionsgate Storytellers, "Masque", HBO's Project Greenlight Top 20, "Whiskey Boys", Cleave
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    Family, Holiday, Whimsical Fantasy, Dramedy
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    United States
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  • Festival for Family

    August 20, 2016
Writer Biography - Cate Carson

I am an Actor/Director, Writer and Producer and have had recent success with writing/directing short films including national TOP 4 wildcard winning Twilight/Lionsgate film, "Masque" and written/co-directed TOP 20 Project Greenlight awarded "Whiskey Boys". "#Cleave", which I co-wrote, is a two film relationship drama set for the 2016 festival circuit. With my current slate of features and a miniseries in development, my work spans genres- Westerns, dramedies, fantasy/action, guttural true stories, and others in between. A common theme? Powerful stories led by intriguing, diverse characters that display the light and dark sides of humanity, being/finding one's true self, and overcoming hardship.

My formative background as a military police officer and detective provides me with a unique skill set, including defensive tactics, stunts, and an ability to handle firearms and other weapons. I have over 15 years of experience dealing with people in all types of life situations as a police officer and detective and have transitioned to a career as an actor/director over the past five years- continually training, making films, and working on my craft. Previously, I began my work in theatre and was awarded a scholarship for acting out of over 300 applicants. This scholarship only paid for half of my tuition so that's where the military came in. Originally from Colorado, and after having been stationed in Italy, I moved to Boston and created my production company, Sensorium Pictures (@sensoriump/IG @sensoriumpictures). I am currently the President of Development in this bi-coastal Los Angeles/New England company and will soon be moving to Los Angeles full-time.

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Writer Statement

I originally wrote Charlotte Sometimes as a short film that I wanted to direct, but then realized the story had a life beyond the short. It is a family film in the vein of "The Family Man", "About Time" "Up", and "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl", but it is also a holiday film. As I was browsing this genre, I noticed there are few films being made. I look forward to watching these movies around the holidays, but I find that I am watching the same films each year. I believe Charlotte Sometimes can fill a void and bring something fresh to the genre at the same time. With it's quirky comedy paired with heavier subject matter while exploring some of life's biggest lessons, Charlotte has the ability to bring the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. And at the heart of it all is the theme of love. I am very passionate about this project and am pursuing it as my first feature to direct.