After discovering an ancient standing stone circle in the mountains, an estranged couple struggle to defeat a malevolent force hunting them and their friends.

  • Gary Davies
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    New Zealand
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  • Page Turner Screenplays 2020

  • Bloodstained Indie Film Festival 2020

    Nominee for Best Feature Script
Writer Biography - Gary Davies


Gary is an award-winning filmmaker who jumped in at the deep end - writing, funding, directing, shooting, producing and editing the horror-comedy feature, Flatmates Wanted which, despite having almost no budget, obtained NZ-wide DVD release via Vendetta Films in 2007. He has developed his original horror feature script, Psychomanteum with UK production company, Hummingbird Films, and more recently NZ’s Urgency Films, and was represented from 2015-2018 by LA based Atchity Entertainment International for his original horror-thriller feature script, In the Moonlight. This project has since received EDF funding and is being developed with NZ producer Simone Ashton. Gary has been short-listed for numerous NZFC funding schemes – including Headstrong, Escalator, and Fresh Shorts, and he and Simone were participants in Script to Screen’s prestigious Short Film Lab in March 2019. Gary’s short films have won awards and screened at festivals around the world, and his no-budget short, Whites Beach starring Dwayne Cameron was licensed to NZ Sky TV’s Rialto channel. Gary’s short doco, Raising the Peaceable Kingdom was a finalist out of hundreds of films in VOFF4, the 2nd Viewster Online Film Festival 100K competition, and his short fantasy film, Labyrinth Rocks was the only NZ representative amongst 400 films in VOFF3. Gary has numerous short and feature projects in development.

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Writer Statement

"The oldest and strongest emotion of humankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear
is fear of the unknown." H.P. Lovecraft

BROKEN is a psychological horror drenched in existential dread. The main characters desperately
struggling to understand and fix what they have broken, the story is an allegory for the spread of
disease, and for entropy and the natural tendency towards disorder in a chaotic quantum universe.

Time. Decay. Irreversibility. The things we battle every day. BROKEN is an acute take on the
human condition in our post-COVID world; Mysterious. Compelling. And genuinely terrifying.

"It...sees us. We drew its attention. I felt it...I felt its hunger when it saw me..."