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Black Gold

Black Gold
Thriller, action-drama.
A young black girl gets kidnapped by a Michigan based Mexican human trafficking cartel
and she’s forced to strip and work as a prostitute as she looks for a way out.
AVA, African American light skinned woman in her mid-30s, and her three young kids,
KENAN, BILL and NICK are forced to take over a human trafficking ring after her husband
and father of the kids, AVERY, is killed by EL MATADOR, Mexican cartel mob boss, for
refusing selling people instead of drugs, as they had previously been doing for the past
Ten years go by and we see everybody doing their part: Nick manages the strip club and
motel of the trafficking ring where the girls they abduct dance, Kenan made his way up to
the FBI missing persons’ department unit to manipulate evidence and gather information to
be one step ahead of the law and Bill work as a counselor in a public school to pick and
recruit new vulnerable girl targets for the ring. However, Bill has been having second
thoughts about the whole operation, believing that what they do to those girls is wrong.
Enter Jayda, a 17-years-old light skinned and voluptuous dancer who gets abducted by
KVON, a young hustler dealer that has a crush on her and works for the trafficking ring.
Jayda’s life is flipped upside down as she’s now forced by Ava to strip for her life at the
same time she finds out her father, DAVIS, got killed when he was out looking for her after
talking to DETECTIVE MAURICE MAXWELL about Jayda’s disappearance. Jayda gets
torn into pieces and her will and mind bents as she dances.
DETECTIVE MAURICE MAXWELL finds leads to the ring as he gets intel from an
anonymous informant. Bill, Kenan, Nick, Ava and other ring members discuss about some
of their trucks with trafficked girls being intercepted so they bribe more cops on the road
and open a new strip club in Detroit where Jayda is transferred to. Jayda then meets
MARCUS, and ex-militia interested in her because she reminds him of her dead wife.
Marcus is a good man, he pays extra to take Jayda to her house for the weekend where
he teaches her to shoot gun and automatic rifles. They fall in love but time’s up and she’s
picked up by TYSON, her bodyguard, who takes her to another client, D.A. JACKSON, a
disgusting man who rapes her, further breaking her shattered fragile mind and spirit.
Detective Maxwell collects enough info and gets ready to move and seize the ring’s
operation centers. Jayda tries to escape D.A. Jackson’s grasps and kills him with the aid of
Bill, who wants to help her out of the ring while it falls apart. They go to Marcus and Jayda
decides she wants to stop Ava and the trafficking ring, seeing no point in escaping. Marcus
and Bill help and they head over Ava’s mansion, the ring’s headquarters where a whole
hellish gun fight breaks lose.Jayda and Marcus stop Ava but Bill is killed by El Matador, who’s trying to wipe out
everybody involved in the Michigan branch of the ring to avoid being linked to his Mexican
cartel. Then, it is revealed that FBI agent Kenan was the informant of detective Maxwell,
secretly wanting to put an end to the ring because of a childhood trauma of being raped in
the ring’s motel by one of the John Does who frequented the site.
Kenan, Marcus and Jayda then chase down El Matador and kill him along other members
of the criminal organization. At the end, Marcus get killed, Kenan, Nick and Ava sent to
prison and Jayda is given an opportunity by Maxwell to join the force to become a
detective that can aid in the missing person’s special unit. She accepts but Jayda’s mind
finally snaps and the film ends with her hunting down Kvon to castrate him, hinting she
might become a vengeful killer instead, chasing down any human trafficking organization
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  • Jonathan Bowman
  • Daniel Noel
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    United States
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Writer - Jonathan Bowman, Daniel Noel